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[Challenge] 2018. March : Let's draw Childhood

Hello, PENEPLEs!

As we get older, memories dimly rise.
Those memories are from the past days that everyone has. Our challenge this time is themed on “Childhood”.

treehouse / @hrum
come play outside / @SPR

Back in the old days when the child spirit preoccupied us, we dreamed of a secret cottage above the tree, and we also dreamed of becoming invisible man, super hero or even a dinosaur.

You may have worn a cape to become a superman.
There were moments when we were curious why the shining moonlight outside the car would follow us.

friends forever / @aristina.z
We'll grow up, someday. / @TumMeng_Inthira

It was a time when there was full of things to be scared of and to like.

You may had been scared of riding on escalator, which is a piece of cake now.
You may also had been scared of getting into a rotation door.

You may had liked to play in the rain and also play hide and seek with friends.
You may also played hopscotch with your friends.

As the cultures, age and characters differ, we may all have different memories.
There surely would have been many incidents for those who were very naughty.

As the environments may differ, not everyone’s childhood would be happy.

Whatever the past was, it was the childhood memories that shaped up what I am now. Right?

Cassette / @Albisay
can't find me / @cantdraw

There are many objects that inspire us with childhood – the school subjects you like, toys, plays, games, books and the cassette tapes of your favorite singers.

Why don’t you recall back these things through this challenge?
Draw your own childhood.

This challenge will continue for 15 days from Thursday, March 1 to Thursday, March 15.

We look forward to your participation and good work.

Thank you.

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