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[Review] Challenge of February (1)

The first challenge in February!

Like the Winter Olympics full of various games, our challenge was full of lively artworks.

Please send notes of congratulations to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone that has participated in the “Winter Sports” challenge.

Danza sobre hielo / @Hazeleszu
Together / @pejman

These two pieces really match the term “the fairies on ice”.
Figure skaters are performing with grace at a competition. @Hazeleszu’s piece really showed beauty that shines in darkness.

Next comes @pejman’s artwork, which showed the very moment where all the audience becoming exceptionally quiet for the very moment.
Blowing ice flakes added colour to the artwork.

skiing / @Zainab
snow it 2 / @sketchbian

Ski is the reason for many people to wait for the season.
There are many different types of games in ski.

First comes free and extreme free style ski.
The athlete is showing technique of difficulty in the air.
Doesn’t he look like a bird?
It is by @Zainab.

Next is an alpine ski scene where the athlete comes down the steep slope at high speed.
The strong edge blows off the snow.
It is @sketchbian’s artwork, which showed an impressive athlete putting all possible efforts to glide down.

Ski Man / @OpelsArt
beginner / @EJ-

While the previous artworks were athletes of winter sports, these two artworks are ourselves enjoying the winter sports.

You can see a man skiing under mild weather; his condition seems to be so good.
It is by @OpelsArt.

A girl is enjoying skating in an arena.
She seems to be a beginner going step by step while depending on the handrail, doesn’t she?
It is by @EJ-.

snowboard / @N.D.T
I'm back / @MACTAC

These two pieces are very adventurous.

Were they boarding on the north pole of the globe in a very freezing, snowy winter?
Splendid aurora is reflected on the goggles.

Doesn’t the man seem to be inspired by that scene that he witness with his naked eyes?
It is by @N.D.T who drew a beautiful artwork of magnificent combination for winter.

A man is standing on a cave above the snowy mountain. He is looking at the vast Mother Nature rolled outside.
What kind of climbing is he about to take on?

Surely, the human being is very small when it comes to nature, but this man’s courage seems to be so big. It was by @MACTAC.

Curling Game / @feltboy
Sledging with a Friend / @CAREUS

Shall we meet another type of sports?

It is curling where the psychological game and smart strategies make the game stand out.

The stone that got in the circle is singing, and the other stones are crying.
Who is winning and who is not doesn’t matter.
Everyone will be a winner if everyone has put up to their best. @feltboy’s piece makes us want to cheer for the other stones left out.

The two close friends seem to be leaving for a sled while holding each other’s hands.
Passing this flat path, an enjoyable slope will come.
@CAREUS has shown us a drawing where the path that two boys are making through.

Below are our 10 winners.


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