2018-02-20. AM 05:39
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 2.9.0

Hello. This is PENUP team.

The excitement of the new year is over, and already one month of 2018 has passed by.
How are your new year’s resolutions and goals?
We are preparing various new services to communicate with all penples this 2018.

Among them, first up is the PENUP 2.9.0 version update that we have prepared.
These are the following functions that have been updated:D

If you go into ‘About PENUP’ in the PENUP setting menu,
you can check the PENUP version you are using.

The first function we would like to introduce is the ‘Android Oreo OS’ support.

Not too long ago, Android Oreo OS was released.
Now PENUP 2.9.0 is supporting the new Android Oreo OS.
The biggest change is the addition of the ‘short cut’ function.
In this short cut function, without executing the app, you can access the menu.
From now on, without opening the PENUP app, by long pressing the icon,
you can choose drawing, coloring, or even the gallery.
You can use the PENUP app with more convenience.

Second is the addition of the drafts _ shortcut button.

When you open the PENUP app, on the bottom right corner there is a plus (+) sign in the blue circle.
Penples have probably pressed this button at least once when you drew a picture or wanted to see one from your gallery.
Before the PENUP 2.9.0 update,
in the middle of a drawing or picking up from where you left off,
you had to go to the profile menu and then go into the draft saving menu,
which was quite inconvenient wasn’t it?

However, from now, with one click you can directly access the draft menu.

Drawing pre-existing pictures, gallery, and draft menus
have been added and so with one click you can now conveniently
choose to go to draft menu or also continue drawing from where you left off. :D.

The third function we would like to introduce is the addition of the ‘menu’s coloring feature’ and improvements.

PENUP’s popular coloring menu’s functions have gone through some improvements
and we are sure it will make your coloring work even more enjoyable and fun.
The biggest change is that in the design displayed,
there has been an increase from 9 to 24, so you can check the designs more easily and quickly.

Not only that, in the past the more popular designs were displayed according to most popular,
but with the PENUP 2.9.0 update,

the popular design that week shall be displayed.
Now you can enjoy seeing the popular weekly designs in one look :D

Lastly, until now, in the coloring design more page, only two of that design had been displayed,
however, now, all of the same designs can be seen in one go.

The fourth thing we would like to introduce is ‘Posted using PENUP’ posting function.

From now on, when you draw using the PENUP app and post it,
at the bottom of the screen there is a “posted using PENUP’ notice.
It would be great if you draw, share, and post pictures using PENUP.

Lastly,the other menu function changes.

If you click the number of those that are following you,
you’ll see a list of people that you are following.

Previously, collections was also included in the list of people you followed,
now it has been changed to display only the people.
Because of this the following number will decrease.

Also when you repost a picture that you like in PENUP,
there was a function to add it to my collection, and when another user liked it, the original and the repost both got a ‘favorite’, but now with the PENUP 2.9.0 update, only the original will receive a ‘favorite’.
With this, the newly changed PENUP’s functions have been all introduced,
and please do check out the new functions that the PENUP 2.9.0 update has to offer~~ :D

In 2018, with all your valuable feedback in mind, we will try our best to provide better service.

As an additional note, on 7th February around 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (Korean time)
there was an emergency server inspection. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced.
We will repay you with better service!

Let us make a world where we can communicate and become one through pictures!
Please continue to love PENUP :D
Thank you : )

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