2018-02-14. AM 04:09
[Challenge] 2018. February : Let's draw Purple (The color of year,2018)

Hello, Penple everyone~

There is a worldwide color company that chooses and announces a color of the year.

This year’s color is said to inspire creativity!
This challenge’s title is ‘Purple (the Color of the Year 2018)’.

Mermaid / @asal
lady in purple / @legend

2018 S/S runway is already colored in purple hues.

Many designers are showing off purple clothing designs, announcing this coming trend.

The beauty industry which is most attentive to colors, have also released items in this color.

Purple is permeating our life style in general.

This is probably one of the best years for those people who love the color purple.

Sky at night / @Hanna-aris
Le Petit Prince🌹 / @denizacar

The purple lights of outer space is not only brilliant, it also creates a sentimental ambience.

Historically, purple was a royal color that was difficult to attain. It signified nobility and luxury, and gives off a creative artistic vibe.

A color that truly stands out, purple, used to be also used in unconventional and counterculture movements.

We look forward to this color of the year and how it will color our 2018.

seeing rainbow / @FatemaMusharrof
forever mauve / @aristina.z

How does purple give you all inspiration for art?
It’s okay to express your own individual definition of this color.

This challenge is held from the 15th of February (Thu), till the 28th of February (Wed).

We are looking forward to your participation and wonderful works of art.

Thank you.

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