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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

January’s second challenge!

From common birds we see daily, to unique species of birds…

There were so many excellent submissions that it was quite a challenge to determine the winner list.

Please send your congratulatory messages to the 10 people below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Bird’ challenge.

Bird2 / @Andhra.Ghandi
Murmuration / @cici

These are two pieces of art that portray the silhouette of birds as the sun is setting.

A motionless bird is perched on an overhead electric wire.
It seems to be looking down from a peaceful sky, at people that are busily heading home, doesn’t it?
This was submitted by @Andhra.Ghandi.

From among the slender branches of a tree, a flock of birds is flying off in the same direction.
This almost looks like a flurry of leaves blowing around.

Where do you think they are headed off too?
This is @cici ‘s piece.

"¡Señora pájara, señora pájara!" / @Ropestrart
All MINE! / @OpelsArt

There are two artpieces where you can take a glimpse of a bird’s growth process.

Baby birds that have just hatched are being fed by their mother.
They are all looking at the food in her hand except for the pink one, do you think maybe she dropped her food? This was submitted by @Ropestrart.

This bird seems to have grown up.
It is eating fine without the mother bird. It’s holding an armful of food saying that it all belongs to it.
This is @OpelsArt ‘s artpiece.

untitled / @vlad
Bird House / @ArtByBenjamin

These are birds looking after their house in different ways.

Two birds are busily eating a watermelon that is on the table.
Maybe the other one is on the lookout for the owner?
This is @vlad ‘s art work.

On a wooden bird house, birds are looking at different directions as they look after their house.

Inside the house there is some feed on the floor.
It seems like the feed belongs to someone else.
This is @ArtByBenjamin art work.

untitled / @koo
good morning / @David-E

These are two striking art works of birds with wide open wings.

There are water droplets flying everywhere.
You can feel the speed as it flies off vigorously.
This is dynamic @koo‘s art work.

Perhaps it’s a morning greeting?
A bird is entering through a window.

The shadows created by the sunshine make the wings stand out even more. This artwork displays movement but also a static picture created by @David-E.

Let's🖍🐤 / @zivzif
Blue Jay / @catiarcy

These are two bird pictures that are realistic and detailed.

A yellow parrot is perched haughtily on a branch.
Its head is tilted and gazing forward.
What do you think it is looking at?
This is @zivzif ‘s artwork.

This is @catiarcy ’s artwork featuring a jay’s attractive blue feathers.
The evenly gathered feathers create a mosaic like pattern.
Jays are loud and chatters a lot. But for now this one is quite calm.

Below are our 10 winners.


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