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[Interview] HOF February 2018 @TitusCrow

Hello, PENPLEs!
It's our interview time with the HOF of February.

This month's HOF is @TitusCrow.
When looking at the @TitusCrow's artworks, one would feel warmth; this is maybe because he awakens the lost emotions in the era of digital world.

The artist does do digital drawing, but he gives analogue type of emotions with the artworks that seem to have been drawn with pen on the paper.

Now let us begin the interview with the artist @TitusCrow. :)

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello, @TitusCrow.
We are from PENUP team.
You've been appointed as the HOF of February 2018.

How do you feel?

A1. @TitusCrow :
I Feel very happy to have been chosen to be a highlighted artist for the community.
There are some amazing people here and to be in the same club is a real honor for me.

Q2. @PENUP :
Please introduce yourself to our PENUP users.

A2. @TitusCrow :
My name is Titus Crow, I am an amateur artist from Scotland.
I’m in my early 40s and have been doing art for lots of years, from sculpture to Watercolour painting and ink and pencil drawings.

Q3. @PENUP :
You started PENUP in April 2017.
It's been a short time, but you've become our HOF as you've shown your unique and passionate works.

How did you get to know PENUP?

A3. @TitusCrow :
Well, actually I saw it when I got my new SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S3 tablet.
I got it the day it was released last year and I noticed the app for pen up was just there so I signed up.

Q4. @PENUP :
You are receiving many of the congratulatory messages in fanbook.
We can see many impressive scenes where users share their messages to the HOF.
This reminds us how happiness gets doubled when shared.

What do you think about sharing happiness via SNS channels?

A4. @TitusCrow :
It makes me happy when people like my stuff and send me a like or a message through the app.
Its all very easy and immediate.
I think you know technology is good when it doesn't get in the way and stuff just seems easy.

Q5. @PENUP :
Now let us go to stories on your artwork.

What caught our eyes was your introduction in the profile.
You said "Traditional artist and digital".
I think it means that you are an artist that does traditional artwork as well as digital devices.

Are you a professional artist?
What is the advantage of digital art when compared to traditional art?

A5. @TitusCrow :
Well I used to be a professional sculptor and artist.
But this was over 10 years ago.
Due to I’ll health I didn't do art for a period of time and only returned to drawing at all about 2 years ago.
I was very rusty and it took me a lot of doing to get the tools working again.
This time around I was determined to learn computer art as I knew it would be important in the modern art world.
I wasn't prepared for how much better digital art would make traditional art.
For example my picture of a lighthouse started as a ink on paper sketch, I then scanned it in and worked on it digitally, I did a few iterations of it.
I picked one and for a bit of fun put it through digital watercolor app.
The result was so interesting that I then took this as a start and repainted by manipulating this in Autodesk.
This I then printed out and inked by hand as well as adding highlights with gouache paint and white ink.
I then re-scanned this into the computer for retouching.
You could say I’m amazed at how much traditional and digital intermix.

Q6. @PENUP :
It says you work on Galaxy Tab S3.
Many maniacs say that Tab S3 is getting positive response from the digital artists.

What are the advantages of Galaxy Tab S3?

A6. @TitusCrow :
The Tab S3 is a great tool.
Before I bought it I tried another digital drawing aid.
I will not name it here as it was not good.
It was comparable in price to the Tab S3 but a traditional pc art tablet that had to be plugged into a pc computer.
I had problems with sensitivity, parallax where the glass is thick and so your pen cursor is not directly below your pen.
Then there was lag… this was quite extensive and a real deal breaker for me.
The contrast was very bad also leading to me loosing color values after looking at the screen after just a short time.
Needless to say none of these problems are there with the Tab S3.
It is also portable, easy to just use for ten minutes then close and lightweight.
It charges quick and you can put a but of work through 3-4 program's just by sending with a click.
If one downside I can think off, it’s that there should also be a 12 inch display version.

Q7. @PENUP :
You seem to enjoy the ink pen tool drawings.
Is there any reason why?

A7. @TitusCrow :
last year I noticed I was doing lots of colorful art and wanted to try Some basic ink stuff.
I liked it so much that I have become a bit obsessed with it he he!
Also, it has another upside. If I save the ink drawing on one layer I can have a go at digital watercolor on it.
But then, I can just use my high quality printer to print my ink onto 300gsm watercolor paper and I can do a real watercolor on it.
In future I can do a watercolor of an old ink drawing without having to redraw it!
Having my cake and eating it lol!

Q8. @PENUP :
Teddy bear repeatedly appears in your drawings.
Looking at the cute teddy bears that look quite different from each other, you feel warmth.

Is there any reason for you to draw teddy bears?

A8. @TitusCrow :
Yes, I used to be a sometimes angry and uptight person who would have difficulty remaining calm and not letting my temper get the better of me.
Saying things I would regret, making an enemy rather than a friend.
One day I decided to imagine what a little soft teddy bear would think in these situations.
A little creature who's main aim is to bring comfort and happiness to a child or anyone.
I came up with two bears who are best friend's Winty and Auty bear.
They just like to huggle in bed and sleep and eat honey.
They are very friendly and happy little creatures and they can also be a little cowardly.
They get scared of spiders, or the noise I make when flapping the douvet cover to put air in it again.
I found myself coming up with elaborate worlds and stories for my little friends and will soon be doing my first children’s book called “A bear called Hendy” about one of their friends who was once a mascot for Hampton Court Palace, but was then abandoned in a potting shed there when the advertising campaign was over.
Anyway he has many adventures before he makes it home.
But to come back to the original point, I feel through trying to be more like my bears I am a much more calm and reasonable person now.
They learned me how to be gentle again.

Q9. @PENUP :
This is the question many digital artists ask.

Is there any drawing app you frequently use?
If so, what is the special feature of that app?

A9. @TitusCrow :
Yes, I have two apps I could not do without.
Sketchbook pro and infinite painter, both have evolved into professional level art software with many of the things professional artists would want.
As many layers as your memory will handle.
The ability to customize brushes and save them ( infinite painter is better at this ) and lots of very good brushes.
I am still hopeful that sketchbook pro will have all it’s desktop versions brushes available for it though.
On desktop if I need something that I can't find on tablet I use Corel draw and Photoshop.

Q10. @PENUP :
We are here with the last question.
Anything you want from the PENUP event team?

A10. @TitusCrow :
Only one thing….
Put the app back to landscape mode!
This feature was taken away a few months ago and sometimes landscape drawings will seem cramped in portrait mode.
Apart from this just keep up the good work guys!
And thanks for giving artists the chance to easily post out stuff in about 30 seconds flat and with no hassle.

How did you feel about the interview with @TitusCrow?
It was a time for us to listen to the artist’s thoughts and art.
It always feels good to listen to the dialogue with the people interested in drawings.

The first month of the year has passed already.
How does February come to you as?
To an Indian group called Cherokees, February is said to be the month of walking alone.
When you walk along the path alone, you soon come to be indulged in yourself.
Passing back the busy times, take the walk alone.
Just walk along the wind that blows from yourself without any destinations.
Have your February a month of concentration for you and yourself only. : )

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