2018-02-02. AM 01:18
[HOF] February 2018 @TitusCrow

What do you like to writing materials?
The sound of a pen writing across paper has the power to move one’s mind.
This is probably because it moves across the paper and leaves a trace, much like the way we live our lives.

These days, we are using less and less writing materials because of digital device.
So perhaps when we use writing supplies, we feel those sentiments of writing again.

In February, there is an HOF artist who reawakens those lost sentiments.
This artist is @TitusCrow.

When you look at this artists’ work, You can almost hear the sound of pen against paper.
This is because without any fancy technique, the artist uses pen strokes to display his pieces of art.

He usually uses pen for drawing, but you can also see water colors and oil paintings.

A pen’s characteristic lean and sharp lines can be seen in these works of art, and although they seem to be on paper, they are actually drawn by digital device.
The artist shows us that even through digital drawing, an analog feeling can be portrayed.

PENPlEs, let us all congratulate our February HOF artist @TitusCrow.
Please leave your congratulatory comments on the artist’s fanbook.

Artist @TitusCrow, Please send us an email to penup.mgr@gmail.com for your interview.

Thank you. : )

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