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[Challenge] 2018. January : Let's draw Winter Sports

Hello, PENPLEs!

The Winter Olympic Games that comes every four years is about to arrive!

2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang in Korea, and everyone is anticipated for vivid sports scenes.

Today’s challenge theme is “Winter Sports”.

Queen Yuna kim / @Yoom
winter wonderland / @termybug

The winter sports include figure skating, short track, speed skating, ice hockey, luge, ski, bobsleigh, curling, ski jump and snowboard – to name more.

Isn’t it common to play basketball in the basketball court and baseball on the baseball field?

But on the ice rink, you can enjoy any of the ice sports – figure skating that showcases beautiful technics and performances, speed skating on the track and ice hockey where you make a goal with the puck with a stick.

In winter, you can see many of rinks in the city square.

With the easy accessibility, skating is something you could easily enjoy with friends and families compared to other winter sports.

When you move a bit on the ice, you soon forget about the cold weather.

Lee Sang Hwa / @Atom0415
Mont-tremblant, Quebec / @AntoineKhanji

The attraction of the winter sports is about the speed.
The excitement that comes along while sliding on the snow, which creates the moments that go beyond one’s limits – makes other people thrilled as well.

Many people go for skiing during winter season.
The people skiing and snowboarding, the beginners that trip over and the professionals that just literally fly on the snow.

Some people go with season ticket or even go overseas to ski on popular spots.

One may go to see games even if he/she does not enjoy the sports themselves.

Racing Fern / @Bpistudio
Die hard Sabres fan / @Gzo

The children come to the hills with their sleds.
This can be their best winter sports.

What sports do you enjoy during winter?

This challenge will go from Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 14 for 14 days.

We look forward to your participation and good pieces.

Thank you.

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