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[Review] Challenge of January (1)

Our first challenge of January!

It was a challenge where we had a sneak peek into the limitless potentials of our infinite future.

It seems like we went on a time travel to the future with your imaginations.

Please leave your messages of congratulations to the ten winners below.
Thank you all for partaking in the “Future” challenge.

2158 - fuga dal pianeta terra / @totos51
Future 2 / @Reda-RHARDANE

These two drawings show the transportation means of future.

People are running on a bridge that connects a planet with the other planet.
With that bridge, we can not only go overseas easily but also go from planets to planets.
It was done by @totos51.

The roads are soaring towards the sky. The cars that look like UFOs fly around the roads.

The transportation means are near the sky, but their land of living is near the ground.
You can see people living on the ground.

From where did the red lighted man come? Isn’t he a time traveler? It’s a piece by @Reda-RHARDANE.

thinking / @monggle
the face of the planet / @Nigart

These two drawings have similar composition.

The light is coming from the eyes and some structures are spreading out from the head.
Is it that the thoughts can be used in molecules and in structures in the future?

The drawing which makes you ponder what will happen was given by @monggle.

A half sided face with strong eye. The lines on the face seem to be some sort of building.
It is a drawing by @Nigart who drew an enthusiastic form of a new planet.

sheriff from the future by nikolass / @nikolass83
Resistance / @Gavriel

What is it that they are trying to keep peace from?
Isn’t it the war against robots?

@nikolass83 drew a completely armed sheriff.
There is a third eye on the heart. Is the eye should be reading the mind?

A man is wearing a gas mask with the city at his background; he is also holding up a flag.
Is it a resistance soldier that guards the city?
It’s a piece by @Gavriel.

Children are our Future / @CAREUS
Friends Without Borders. / @TumMeng_Inthira

These two drawings show the warm heart of the kids.

There are kids of various ethnic backgrounds that are floating around the earth.
The kids with bright energy can make bright future.

It is @CAREUS drawing that is fulfilled with flowers, vivid balloons and hearts – all that makes one hopeful.

Did the kid trip off because of his robot friend? The kid with the red shirt has traces of trip over.
The kid seems to say okay to the robot friend who seems to be sorry.

Can robots become genuine friends of humans by sharing emotions without any borders?
It’s a piece by @TumMeng_Inthira.

By my side.. / @aristina.z
😷 / @2nily

These two drawings have opposite atmospheres.

There is a big round moon in the middle. The city is in total purple light.
There are a woman and man in front of the sea.

The man is presenting big wings to the woman. @artistina.z has given us a romantic drawing.

A girl with lollipop on her left hand and a teddy bear on the right hand is looking into the mirror.
In the mirror, a woman with messy hair and thick make-up is glancing at the girl while shedding into tears.

The cigarettes and the alcohol in the hands are contrasted with the girl.
What will happen to the girl? It is done by @2nily.

Below are our 10 winners.


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