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[Challenge] 2018. January : Let's draw Bird

Hello, Penples!
Do you look up at the sky often?

Free creatures flying through the endless skies…

This challenge is called ‘Bird’

penguin baby ing 3 / @icegido
Ostrich /@seasickjohn

There are around 9,000 species of birds around the world.

When we hear the word ‘bird’, isn’t the first image we picture usually a bird with its wings open, soaring in the sky?

There are around 40 species of birds that live on the ground and not the air.

We can typically think of a penguin.

Ostriches are birds known for their speed.
Although they cannot fly, each step measures 4 to 5 meters and they can run at a speed of 90 km/h.

Pigeon / @AntoineKhanji
Peacock. .my favorite bird / @pako

We can commonly see pigeons on the street or in the squares.
Pigeons have the ability to fly long distances, and they were also used as messengers during the World War because of their great sense of direction.

Each birds’ call, feather colors, and beak shapes are enormously diverse.

People, who have fallen in love with these attractive birds, sometimes even keep them as pet.

dream / @Nina
på flykt / @Stina

Do you have a bird that you especially like?

The smallest bird, a talking bird, a lovely colorful bird… and so many more.
Please draw a bird that captures the attention!

This challenge is from 16th of January (Tue) to the 31st of January (Wed), for 16 days.

We are looking forward to your participation and some wonderful artwork!

Thank you :)

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