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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

Second challenges of December!
It was a challenge with cute and unique food characters.

Please send words of congratulations to the 10 winners bellow.
Thank you everyone for partaking in this “Food as a character” challenge.

Mr Pop / @Bpistudio
breakfast / @kelzwurld

Is this the food chain?
It well conveys the paradox in the food chain.

When you heat the corns, they become popcorns with the pop pop sound.
Is the corn eating the popcorns or just giving off them?
This drawing belongs to @Bpistduio.

The cereal eating cereal piece was drawn by @kelzwurld.
In today’s news, there is an article about the cereal killer.
Then the suspect may be…
It seems like a crime scene where the curtain should ben untied.

Fruits' Life / @keke
SummerFruit / @AurorAgnese

Two pieces look like the fruit family.

Are the cute strawberries in flock the brothers? The pineapple seems to be a father with the robust.
The piece belongs to @keke.

There are many food characters including watermelon, pineapple, grapes, avocado and strawberries.
They are all siblings that we see in summer. The piece belongs to @AuroraAgnes.

pig out / @feltboy
jamburger / @op_l

There are so many different hamburgers.
The hamburger characters therefore look different from each other.

The coke with surprised look has a running nose. The French fries seem to assume their future; they are in fear.
The hamburger is crying in terror too. As the ketchup bag gets torn, the French fries start crying.
It all goes to @feltboy.

It is such a hip hamburger.
The hamburger has the headphone, while listening to music and getting on rhythms. It may as well start singing.
It is @op_l’s piece.

I scream!! / @Jotopia
Untitled / @gustaf

Ice cream and orange are just melting down.

The animal ice creams are towering into three floors. Should be very tiring with the heavy and melting body.
It is @Jotopia with interesting title “I scream!”

The character that looks like an orange has quite interesting looks. The juice is melting down from the burst side.
Is it in mixture of fear and sadness? It is @qustaf’s piece.

Marshmallow Sumo Wrestling / @Ghazal
No party for Potato / @D-sight

These two pieces have contrasting impressions.

Marshmallow that is doing wrestling.
The food characters are fervently cheering from the audience seat.
While everyone is in happiness, only sushi that is serving as a stage is not enjoying.
It is @Ghazal’s piece.

There are different fruit characters in the fruit basket.
The pineapple and orange look happy.
Because of the small seat, one cherry is almost falling off.
The isolated potato is not able to get in from the table.

Was it the banana who said “I can show you the way as I was used in the oven”? Or was it the oven speaking to potato?
Depending on who the subject is, the potato’s destiny would change. It was by @D-sight.

Below are our 10 winners.


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