2018-01-03. AM 03:42
[HOF] January 2018 @koo

What do you feel when you say the word "first"?
It makes you flutter in anticipation for things to come.

A new year has begun.
Hope everyone of you PENPLE has greeted fidgeting first day of 2018.

Let us introduce you to the first HOF of 2018.

Our HOF of the month draws calm, otherwise a stopped scene, with sensitive touch that captures the very moment.

It is artist @koo.

The artist mainly draws still life, landscape and people.
The topics may vary, but silent and stoic atmosphere flows in every piece.
Such mood has indeed gave a character to the artist's own style.

The artist draws with tough paper and the unique thick oil painting.
It is a type of work that is difficult to carry on without knowing the features of the device.
It seems like the artist takes long time about the drawing before getting into action.

Praise and compliments go out to the passion of those people who get emerged in something.
Please join us in congratulating @koo for having become our first HOF of 2018.

Let's make PENUP a place where we share warm and beautiful stories among ourselves who love drawing. :)

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