2018-01-02. AM 12:39
[Challenge] 2018. January : Let's draw Future

Hello, Penples!
It is the new year.

Many people make a wish and set new resolutions as they watch the rising sun.

We would like to greet the new year, with our topic for this challenge: the ‘Future’.

Yes / @dianabelle
Baby Riley from Inside out / @beepwhenifly

There are different forms of the future, from the near to the far-off future.

For someone it may be an oncoming wedding, and for others it may be the far-off future of having a child.

Then again, for someone it may be a child who grows little by little, learning to talk and walk.

IT Specialist of the Near Future / @hotkey
inktober nine / @hrum

By taking everyday objects and connecting it to the internet, we can share information with each other through IoT (internet of things)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – computers’ imitation of human intelligence.

Virtual Reality (VR) refers to artificial technology used to produce a special environment or situation close to reality.

These technologies are changing all aspects of our lives.

Perhaps we can assume that in the near future, nearly everyone will have this kind of technology in their daily lives?

Connecting with people??? / @goku
the robot guardian / @Hanna-aris

We are curious about what kinds of lives we will live in the future.
Please draw your future.

This challenge will be held for 15 days from January 1st (Mon) ~ January 15th (Mon).

We hope for your active participation, and look forward to seeing many works of art.

Thank you. :)

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