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[Review] Challenge of December (1)

December’s first challenge!

Just like abundant gifts underneath a Christmas tree, we received works of art like many presents for this challenge.

Please send your congratulatory messages to the 10 people below~

Thank you to all those who participated in the ‘Christmas’ challenge 😊

holy night / @Hanne
Notte magica / @Orchidea

These are two pictures of a Silent Night and Holy Night.

Shining above the snow-laden trees, is a bright star.
Perhaps it’s a light indicating that Santa is coming soon?
This is @Hanne ‘s piece of art.

It’s a snowy white Christmas.
Santa has ridden his sleigh through the white snow.

Seeing the sleigh tracks on the snow, Santa has probably visited this house and is on his way to another.
This is @Orchidea ‘s work.

Christmas 2 / @koko1caty
"Ooops" / @Ropestrart

These two pictures show Santa’s overflowing love.

He is ringing a bell with a sack of toys on his back.
Soon rockets, dolls, and even lollipops will soon find their new owners.
This is @koko1caty’s work.

Are the presents too heavy for Santa?
It looks there’s a delay because Santa is fixing his sleigh.
There is also an elf, helping him nearby.

Would the children know about Santa’s labor?
This is @Ropestrart ‘s work.

The colours of Christmas. / @Nitin.Kurvey
Nardugan/New year's celebration / @dml1704

These are two scenes you can commonly find during Christmas.

People’s spirits are always lifted at the sight of this big tree during Christmas season.

When we gaze at the sparkling lights, we feel warm throughout the cold winter.
This is @Nitin.Kurvey ‘s work.

Children sledding,
A girl ice-skating,
Friends making a snowman…
So many people are having a merry Christmas.
This is @dml1704 ‘s work.

#marry_christmas / @rajeev
Merry Christmas see you / @LEEHYUN

These two pieces showcase Santa’s trademark white beard.

Santa is watching something through the window.
Is he checking to see if the child has been good?
Or maybe to see the children’s joy when opening their presents? This is @rajeev ‘s work.

This picture is of a young and old Santa’s face.
Usually you picture a grandfather when you think of Santa right? It seems like we are looking at his younger self. This is @LEEHYUN ‘s work.

SilentNight🎄 / @Choloaldon
A Puppy for Christmas / @termybug

What about spending Christmas at home?

Looking in from the outside, the brick fireplace is warming up the house. Of course, we can’t forget the big Christmas tree. This is @Choloaldon ‘s work.

A girl in a checked dress has received a puppy for her present.
It is an adorable sight – both are looking into each other’s eyes. This is @termybug ‘s work

Below are our 10 winners.


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Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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