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[Interview] HOF December 2017 @TreeStory

Hello, Penples~!
Today, we are going to have our last December interview with HOF artist, whose emotional and sensitive designs have reached out to many people.

It is Artist @TreeStory!

This artist’s essay-like emotions have portrayed daily events and feelings through warm brush strokes.
The pictures are almost like a diary that is being read aloud.
We’re really looking forward to his stories through this interview.
So, let’s start our interview with @TreeStory! :)

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello, Artist @TreeStory.
You were selected as 2017’s last HOF artist.
How do you feel?

A1. @TreeStory :
First off, I would like to thank you.
I first started off only as a little hobby… ^^
I feel I can conclude year 2017 through this happy event and it will remain in my memory.

Q2. @PENUP :
Please can you introduce yourself to users from around the world?

A2. @TreeStory :
I don’t have much to introduce…
I’m just a middle-aged man living in Korea.
I am already at this age.
It might be an age that is not suited with these drawings : )
I think you can just think of me as a man who scribbles for a hobby.

Q3. @PENUP :
Going on to your feed, there were around 460 uploads.

You began in October 2013, and have continuously exhibited pieces of art until now.
We can see your beginning in 2013 with PENUP.
How did you come to know about PENUP?

A3. @TreeStory :
I came to know about PENUP when I got a smartphone.
I suppose I began with pressing the PENUP app that was installed in my Samsung smartphone.
It was interesting at first.
As I got more and more used to using my smartphone, I started to upload pictures little by little.

Q4. @PENUP :
Now, let’s talk about your drawings.
As mentioned in the beginning, when we look at your pictures, it’s almost like reading a diary.
Perhaps it’s because it contains small daily happenings.

Where do you usually get your material for drawing?

A4. @TreeStory :
It’s not quite like a diary, but I think I experience a lot of things daily. ^^
Through walking down the street, driving somewhere, reading a book, watching a movie… and so on.
I try to scribble each one down.
In between there are my own personal experiences, but I tend to draw thoughts that come up from reading a book or watching a book.

Q5. @PENUP :
In your drawings, there are often some Korean text included.
It made us think you were a Korean whose mother tongue was Korean.

There is a harmony of Korean characteristic designs and beauty in your drawing.
And it gains empathy, even though the meaning may not be understood by the world.

Is there a reason you enjoy adding Text to your works?
And if there is anything special about Korean, what is it?

A5. @TreeStory :
There is the reason that I am not good at other languages! ^^
First I need to write in a language where I can freely express myself, that even if it’s not clear, it can be properly communicated.
And to do so, it is best for me to write in Korean.

Also, usually before I draw, I tend to write first and think.
Probably in nearly all my pictures there is some writing included.
Only in this way I can make up for the lack of communication and make it a little bit clearer.

Q6. @PENUP :
There is a particular boy main character in many of your drawings.
It seems like an emotionally reactive and detailed character.
This excellent character’s emotional episodes lets viewers also fall into and feel these emotions.

Is this character perhaps an expression of yourself?
What is this character’s personality or characteristic?

A6. @TreeStory :
There are many people around me who remark on our similarity but it is not so.
Because I am a guy, I usually think from a guy’s point of view and express it that way.
I majored in design.
So, I drew the characters I had usually scribbled about, again on my smartphone.
When you need a subject to be immersed in a story, nothing works best as a character. ^^

The characters are all a little similar and different.
I don’t think they have one such personality.
Should we just say at that moment, for that picture, they are the ones that do the explaining for me?

Q7. @PENUP :
After uploading your pictures, you also add a sentimental explanation.
For example, in your, 'rainbow… you hart' drawing, you wrote:
“Let’s be happy. The start of your hand… it creates a rainbow in my heart…"
And also, 'a heart is like a net that is not easily untangled', you wrote:
“However much I try to untangling, it only gets more tangled up,
I can’t retrieve the fish caught inside,
Is it because I can’t let it go free?”

In this way, you communicate with other users through writing and drawings.

What does it mean to you, to share your emotions through SNS?

A7. @TreeStory :
As I have mentioned before, most of my work is from imagining my writing into images.
Expressing myself in this way might be a lingering attachment to my dream.
It is not anymore, but being an illustrator used to be my dream. ^^

Q8. @PENUP :
Looking at your tags, we can’t help but notice Galaxy Note.
You used to work with Galaxy Note 4, 5 and pro12.2, and recently it seems you are working with Galaxy Note 7.

Among the devices you have used, which is your favorite?
Also, which drawing apps have you used before?

A8. @TreeStory :
Yes, I used Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Note 3, 4, 5, and now I’m using Note 7FE.
I have worked on PC using pen and mouse before, and so I adjusted quickly to smartphone pen.

I think the most comfortable device is still the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.
It’s great because it’s so wide. ^^

Also until recently, I have used the Autodesk SketchBook drawing app.
It’s quite good, and also if you have the Note series, you could access the pro version.
I wanted to continue with the Autodesk SketchBook, but the UI has changed too much, making it difficult.
So right now, I’m searching for another drawing app.^^

Q9. @PENUP :
Whether it’s because of the sentimental writing, you have a lot of empathetic comments.
I think you always reply to other users’ comments…

Do you have any comments that you especially remember?

A9. @TreeStory :
Many people show their interest through their comments.
I am thankful, for their appreciation.

The comment I remember the most, is in the beginning stages of PENUP, there is a drawing with “Sora’s story” written on it.
As I still do now, when I had written something in Korea, there were many people who were curious.
Someone translated it all into English in the comments, and encouraged me the most.
I think I remember that person the most.
Because that user is no longer on PENUP, I can’t show my appreciation…

Q10. @PENUP :
You were with us ever since PENUP’s beginning.
So we are very curious, while you were using PENUP, are there any improvements you would like to see?

A10. @TreeStory :
PUENUP’s history also marks my story.

I’m sure you all know about PENU’s UI(User Interface) even without my mentioning it.

If there are any improvements that I want to see, it would be for a smoother way of communication among the users.
PENUP is used by people all over the world.
However, there are people like me who find difficulty in language.
If this difficulty is improved, I feel that this will be an even better space for sharing. ^^
Hope your days are always filled with happiness.

2017 last HOF interview has ended with Artist @TreeStory.

It is December.
The end can be the finish, and it can also be the moment for a new beginning.
Looking back on this year, how about reflecting on the happy memories, and as for regrets, setting up plans for a fresh start in 2018?

We hope that that in 2018, everyone of you can build special memories in PENUP.
Our management team will always try our best :)

Happy New Year everyone~!

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