2017-12-18. AM 09:26
[Challenge] 2017. December : Let's draw Food as a character

Hello, Penples!

The topic for this challenge is, ‘Food as a Character’.

You often upload pictures of fruits and objects that are personified.

Through this challenge, we are looking forward to seeing more fun works of art.

Kawaii Cupcake / @pinktrilobite
naughty waffle. / @EmmaSilva

When you go to a bakery, you can see bread and cakes in the shapes of various characters: teddy bears, robots, and so on!

There are food characters you can see on special days.
For example, a Jack O Lantern during Halloween, Or a Ginger Cookie man in Christmas.

Hot Bread / @feltboy
Cherries / @Sugarfreak

We think of interesting scenes when we see food characters.

Food that was displayed safely in a store, when they become ingredients for cooking, is a choice of happiness? Or perhaps pain?

Grapes, cherries, or bananas, they must be tired from moving around together!

For ice-cream, summer is heaven, and winter is hell.

hungry donut / @dRema
hambuger power / @monggle

We are curious what kinds of food characters will be created.

This challenge will be held from 16th of December(Sat) to the 31st of December(Sun).

Please join in and participate, and we look forward to seeing wonderful works of art.

Thank you. :)

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