2014-11-14. AM 10:43
  • Hello~PEN.UP Friends!

    It’s almost the end of the year 2014.
    So, we have prepared a special event for the new 2015 year.
    An opportunity to include your drawings in calendars which will be delivered to the world.
    PEN.UP Calendar Contest!
    Don’t miss an opportunity to show your own drawings on PEN.UP friends’ desks.
  • □ Theme : Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

    □ How to participate:
       1. Draw pictures of four seasons.
       2. Upload the pictures with a tag #PenupCalendar2015.
       ※The resolution should be 2560*2560, 1680*2560, 1920*2560 preferably portrait mode for print.

    □ Awards :
       3 items for each season and total 12 items will be chosen.
       Winners will receive calendars and Casebyme coupons.
       The first 200 candidates will receive calendars as well.

    □ Application period :
       From November 15 to December 15

    □ Announcement :
       December 24, on the PEN.UP website and the blog.
       (Winners will receive email notifications.)

    Precautions :
    1. The submissions should be original ones of the author.
    2. The submissions which are suspicious of breaching others’ copyright will be excluded from the award or the prize will be cancelled afterward.
    3. The copyright of the drawings belongs to the author who creates them, and those winning drawings can be utilized for the dynamic lock-screen of Samsung smartphones and PEN.UP promotion after an additional agreement.
    4. There is no limit to the number of submissions.