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[Event] ‘2018 PENUP Calendar Giveaway!
Hello, Penples,
Are you finishing up this year strong?

A new year is approaching.
And without fail, we have our PENUP 2018 calendar!

Our PENUP team always attempt a new concept for our calendar design each year. I’m sure most of you are curious about the calendar this time.

In our coloring design November challenge, there were many excellent pieces that will be featured in this calendar. Our calendar is on a wooden stand where you can place each piece on it like a post card.

There will be a set of 12 coloring pencils that come with the calendar.

How about coloring in these excellent pieces of art throughout 2018?

This month’s calendar event will be limited to the first 100 people and anyone from Penple can apply.

This PENUP calendar is bound to make your 2018 more colorful! We hope for your prompt application.

In 2018 may you achieve all your goals and hopes.

To apply, please fill in your [PENUP user name / name / address / postal code / contact number] and send it to the email address below.
-Email address: penup.mgr@gmail.com

* Information for winners :
Those who have participated the event, please check the privacy policy.
Then you should send personal information collection service phrase, as well as personal information (PENUP ID, real name, mailing address, postal code, contact number).
You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the calendar.

* Personal information collection service phrase :
I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

* Purpose of personal information collection and usage :
2018 PENUP Calendar
* Personal information collection criteria: PENUP ID/Real name/Address/Postal code/Contact number
* Period for retaining personal information and usage: December 15, 2018 – January 31, 2018
* Consignee of personal information and consignment work: Gra-ph Design, calendar delivery

* Caution when receiving prizes:
In case the winner was not able to receive the prize due to wrong personal information, we cannot resend the prize.
The personal information collected will be discarded within three months after the delivery is completed.

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