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[Review] Challenge of November(1)

Hello, PENPLEs!

So many people partook in the first challenge of November.

We are only a month away until the end of the year. It is time for us to change to a new calendar.

Our 2018 PENUP calendar filled with your own artworks!

Let us introduce 12 art pieces that will go in the calendar for next year.

Please send congratulatory messages to 12 winners of the challenge.

Thank you everyone for partaking in the “Coloring Pages for 2018 Calendar” challenge.

Sixteen / @Chuppylim

January piece goes to @Chuppylim.

The artist drew a face of an animal with delicacy and details. It also seems like a facet of an animal in a myth.

When you look closely, you can capture other animals like an owl and a bird.

You can feel the strong energy from the eyes that stare at you.

Don’t you think it seems like a king?

가젤-컬러링 / @hosio

@hosio’s art piece took on February. The artist drew a gazelle that looks like a human.
Is it a moon at the back?

There is usually only 28 days in February, but February 2020 has 29 days. That means that the year will be comprised of 366 days, not 365 days.

The peculiar atmosphere in the piece seems to go well with this special February.

Puppies and photo / @Lentz.bc.Gim

The art piece by @Lentz.bc.Gim took on for March.

Puppies are surrounding the table.
Are they waiting to have the meat cooked?

Their patron had captured this scene – which is too cute to miss out.

The piece indeed has loveliness and warmth that makes you forget about the belated cold weather.

tree / @feltboy

April goes for @feltboy.

There are all animals in the tree.
The tree itself, the birds in the nest and the flowers are all smiling.

Are they perhaps ready to greet the warm breeze and sunlight after the scorching winter?

The piece really does capture the scene of April where the sprouts begin to bloom.

Garden / @DraceyDrew

@DraceyDrew’s artwork goes into May.

This is a sketch that perfectly resembles perfect spring.

Blooming flowers that signal the arrival of spring: it is assumed that bees will be flying to the flowers from somewhere out there.

Setiembre-(orignlartbyunknown) / @Choloaldon

June is taken by @Choloaldon.

It conveys houses and stores that are all packed and gathered together.
With the Eiffel Tower at the back, it seems to be some place in Paris.
You can also see Sacred Heart Cathedral on Montmartre.

June is a month when people go on traveling.
Why don’t you do some sketches on a bench while you go on traveling?

Coloring pages / @littleArtist

July goes for @littleArtist who drew a profile of a beautiful woman.

Looking at all the ornaments on the hair, she seems to be a bride of July.

Something is scattered around her.
Are they flower buds of celebration?

Don't forget what imagine is. / @TumMeng_Inthira

August goes for @TumMeng_Inthira’s artwork.

So many planets and stars greet the boy as he opens the window.

Perhaps he lives somewhere out in the space.
Living in a world of full imaginations, there are no limits outside the boy’s window.

flower bunch / @artisticginger

@artisticginger takes September piece.

When you look at the coloring scheme, you can see many patterns aside from mandala.
The repeated patterns are sometimes geometrical and sometimes nature-embedded.

The artist drew flower patterns.
The repeated leaves occur to the fallen leaves of September.

coloring page(castle) / @monggle

October goes for @monggle.

Is it some kind of castle through the lens of a bat?
On a tree on top of the castle, there are Halloween pumpkins dangling.

The bats are flying around the tree.

Just makes one wonder how 2018 Halloween would look like.

Getting Ready! / @Grafixguru

November is filled with @Grafixguru’s art piece.

There is Santa Clause putting on his boots with Rudolph waiting for him with Santa’s hat in his mouth.

This is a sketch of Santa and Rudolph in early preparations of Christmas coming next month.

Is Santa hurrying himself as a lot of people are waiting for him so badly?

Merry-Xmas / @rubyspixart

December goes for @rubyspixart’s piece.

This is the last month of 2018!
There is a Christmas tree that probably had been prepared by a family upon Christmas.
There are so many gifts at the bottom.

There should be a baby who has just started learning alphabets as there is ABC cube.
Like the gifts underneath the tree, we hope that everyone will have many happy and enjoyable moments in the new year.

These are our 12 winners of the challenge.


We will give 2018 Coloring Calendar and color pencil set to those 12 winners.

We hope you a Happy New Year, and we look forward to your attention to our calendar event that is coming very soon.

Thank you.

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