2017-12-06. AM 10:27
[Notice] SDDF (by PENUP)2017 Epilogue
Hello, PENPLEs! : )

Let us give you some updates on the reviews of Samsung Digital Drawing Festival (By PENUP) 2017.

The festival was held in Samsung D’light from October 24 to November 18.

A lot of people came to the festival, making the festival a great success.

There were many people who tried PENUP with Galaxy Note 8 and S Pen with much enthusiasm towards digital drawing.

Particularly, there was huge interest towards the coloring that was recently launched.
We were able to see a lot of people enjoying the coloring regardless of the age and nationality;
despite the difficulty in drawing, they showed great enthusiasm probably because it was easy to approach.

With the displays of PENUP drawings, a lot of people were surprised to see the mobile drawings of high quality.

A lot of people came to the event with the special event held on November 4.

Shall we go ahead and see the festival scenes with the below clip?


We were able to make PENUP known to many people in this festival.
Hope to have another opportunity to approach to many people next time. : )

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