2017-12-04. AM 07:15
[HOF] December 2017 @TreeStory

Do you feel that your everyday life is just too normal?
The diary that you write and record about your day, remembering all the moments in your heart, is so called the map in heart.
Those who write diaries record about not-so-special daily life, but they indeed pull out something special.
That special thing is what makes oneself the main cast on a stage.

Our last HOF of 2017 is someone who writes the map of the heart.
With the essay-like emotions, the artist observes the day and puts it in emotional story along with warm style drawing.

It is @TreeStory.
When looking at the artist’s drawing, you come to feel that every minute thing in daily life has something special in it.

You can easily see the drawings that embrace text in Hangul (Korean characters).
Because it seems like an essay that puts out the moments of the day, the art brings out sympathy for all overcoming the barrier in language.

Please join me in congratulating @TreeStory, our HOF of December.

One says that happiness shared will be doubled.
Please visit the artist’s feed to leave messages of congratulations. : )

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