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[Challenge] 2017. December : Let's draw christmas

Hello, PEN.UP people!

Now the holiday season is just around the corner. What is the most exciting thing about December to you?

The challenge title for this time is ‘Christmas’!

the cold lights / @ucru
A country Christmas / @Envyous

In the Christmas season, we can see a huge tree set up at a park or a square.

At home, all the family members gather to set up a tree and carefully select decorations, preparing for the coming Christmas holiday.

The lightings on a tree makes the entire vibe of a house a lot warmer.

Dear Santa / @Grafixguru
Santa Claus is coming / @Abex

At Christmas, children look forward to meeting Santa Claus on the Rudolph sleigh.

Rovaniemi in Finland is known as Santa Claus Village.
If you send a letter to a post office in this village, you will be able to get a reply from Santa Claus.

Every year, more than 500,000 letters arrive to this village.
This year, Santa Claus must have been very busy reading letters sent from children around the world.

Christmas Eve / @silver77
santa penguin / @icegido

The tremor of excitement in waiting for Christmas to come makes us really happy.

We wish all PENUP people have a happy Christmas.
This challenge will last from December 1 (Friday) to December 15 (Friday).

We look forward to your interest and participation, as well as your amazing artworks!

Thank you!

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