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[Review] Challenge of October(2)

The second challenge of October!

This challenge was the one where we were able to see the stuffs in PENPLE’s bags – from general things to imaginary ones.

Please send congratulatory messages to the 10 winners below!
Thank you everyone for partaking in this “In My Bag” challenge.

Doggy and Travel bag / @Pato.Cha
my pink bag / @AnKa

The owner seems to be leaving on a trip. Doesn’t the dog seem to be saying “Please take me”?
This is @Pato.Cha’s piece.

There are a sketchbook and brush in the bag. A palette is also on the field.
It seems like someone is taking the landscape of the forest into the drawing.

Is it the poisonous mushroom in the drawing? This is done by @AnKa.

Firefly bag. / @Evendim
Bag of Tricks / @dollshouse

These two pieces show something extraordinary in the bag.

A firefly is coming out of the opened bag. The bright light that shines the darkness is quite romantic.
This was by @Evendim.

You can see the ears of a rabbit outside the bag. Is it supposed to be a bag of a magician?

@dollshouse drew a drawing where a real rabbit is going to jump out from the empty bag.

what's inside my bag? / @hoso
In my bag / @poonam.bansal

It is so interesting to investigate to whom these bags belong to with these fun items.

The first drawing seems to be a bag of a student with the diary, student card and writing instruments.

Was there a forecast that it would rain? A red umbrella is in it too. The folding fan in the bag shows it is summer.
This belongs to @hoso.

You can see writing utensils and notepads, as well as makeups like lipsticks and eyeliners.

With two types of sunglasses and a cleanser, you can see that this bag belongs to a girl who cares about the appearance.
This is by @poonam.bansal.

My purse stuff... / @Beckah
my bag of gold / @Vaani

You can see a car key that looks like traffic lights and a diary. It seems to be a bag of an office worker who came back from work after meetings.

This is by @Beckah.

Much gold is pouring out of the bag. A lot of people should be eyeing the bag.
@Vaani has given us a drawing full of shiny gold.

Coffee in the bag / @Ilo
untitled / @bradley

This is by @Ilo.
Is it a bag of a barista?
Or a bag of someone who loves coffee?
The bag seems to be full of coffee fragrance with the grinder, port and coffee cup.

This is done by @bradley.
It could be mom’s grocery bag or a chef’s bag. It even has fresh fruits and flowers.

The water is being boiled; is tomato pasta on the way? Wonder what kind of dish would get to the table.

Below are our 10 winners.


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