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[Review] Challenge of October(1)

The first challenge of October!

Some could be experimental, some could be realistic and some could even be peaceful.

It was a challenge where we could witness the scenes from the amusement park in various viewpoints.

Please send your messages of congratulations to the 10 winners below.
Thank you everyone for participating in this “Amusement Park” challenge.

Pleasant Park / @Ghazal
Giant Ride... / @Nitin.Kurvey

Was the artist trying to depict the imagination of the amusement park?

It was @Ghazal’s piece who drew an amusement park of another type perfected by a woman.
There is a stair and a rail on her hands and a big wheel on her head.

Next comes @Nitin.Kurvey’s piece of a big wheel.
In the ambiguous lines and colors, you can see the big wheel moving round and round.

Midnight Memories / @kyle.g
DreamLand / @Emman

These two pieces are the amusement park in darkness after the sun is gone.

@kyle.g drew a landscape reflected through the moon at night. Is that another planet beneath the moon? It is full of moonlight and star lights.

At night, there is a firework festival in the amusement park. Is it because it is seen from far sight?

You seem to be in the middle of peace and festival. It was by @Emman.

동화속 유원지 / @Iness_j.y_park
am / @wrck

Usually an amusement park is a fairy tale-like space that symbolizes joy and happiness.

This artwork is by @Iness_j.y_park who drew a magical amusement park like the world of fairy tale for children. You can feel the brightness and pure energy of a child.

This is @wrck’s piece who drew the whole view of an amusement park that embraces various moments.

The birds and the paraglider in the sky look free and happy. Don’t you think that it would be full of laughters?

Kids : Wow! / @Elmoghira
Delightful Time with a Tall Clown / @CAREUS

These two pieces display children with contrasting atmospheres.

The first piece is by @Elmoghira; the backs of three children who are blocked by a fence and can’t do anything but to watch from outside make one feels sad.

It is definitely the same space with two different worlds; happy children with their families in the fence, and the children just looking at the happy children in awe and envy.

I would want to present free pass and let them get rid of those cleaning stools.

Next is @CAREUS’s piece.
It is a drawing of two children who are spending great time with a clown. One can even picture the joyful expression on the children’s face covered in vivid sparkles.

kawaii ( ˘ ³˘)♥ / @yaphezir
The Ferris wheel of the night / @Shine

@yaphezir drew an amusement park full of pink colors. A cute girl with pink hair and in pink clothes is eating pink cotton candy.

Is the cupcake on the floor a trashcan?
All the details are just so cute.

Next comes @Shine’s piece. The artist drew the wheel and merry-go-round, which are the key symbols of an amusement park.

These two rides sparkle during nights, showing off their beauty. The lights that light up the dark are just so energetic.

Below are our 10 winners.


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