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[Interview] HOF November 2017 @rang

The beauty and the attitude of a beautiful woman always attract people.
Not only would she attract one’s heart but also the eyes; the attraction always makes one keep an eye on.
This may be the reason why “Beautiful woman” becomes the main source of drawing.

In particular, it is very easy to see dramatically expressed beautiful women in cartoons and game characters.
The women in perfect proportion, splendid appearance and graceful bodyline are people in fantasy that cannot be found in reality.

We are about to have an interview with the HOF of November, who draws beautiful female characters of fantasy.
It is artist @rang.
I am just so curious to see what type of person the artist would be.

Now let us begin the interview. : )

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello. Artist @ rang.
You’ve been appointed as the HOF of November.
Congratulations! How do you feel?

A1. @rang :
Hello. First of all, thank you so much.
At first, I got so many alarms which made me wonder.
Thank you PENUP team for awarding me.

Q2. @PENUP :
A lot of people are curious about you.
Please introduce yourself.

A2. @rang :
My name is Lee Mi-rang with a nickname @rang.
I am a housewife with two boys, six years old and four years old each.

Q3. @PENUP :
Now, let’s talk more about your art.
You have a consistent theme; you always show a beautiful girl character in your art piece.

What is the reason for this?

A3. @rang :
At first, I only drew the girls’ faces.
As I drew more of them, I wanted to draw prettier ones.
As I studied how to draw even better ones, I always ended up drawing beautiful girls.
When I draw beautiful girls, I feel good.
That is probably why I draw a lot of beautiful girls.

Q4. @PENUP :
All the characters have different concepts.
The concept is revealed through situations, clothes and poses.
Examples would be a beautiful mermaid with attractive pose, a magician that does magic and a woman in deep thought under the flower trees.
You always make dramatic characters with clothes and poses that perfectly match with each story.

How do you come up with such concept?

A4. @rang :
I like people in fantasy.
I can draw the magicians and mermaids the way I like, and I can be more free in style as they are not real people.

I always try to think about mystical images.
Although I may lack in skills, I try to be as much fantasy-like as possible.

Q5. @PENUP :
Each character has magnificent hairstyle or clothes.
You may have got the motif or inspirations from the cartoons or game characters.

Where did you get the inspiration from?

A5. @rang :
The word inspiration makes me quite shy.
I would say that those clothes are something that I wanted to wear but can’t try on.

In other words, I would say it would be a vicarious pleasure of mine.

Q6. @PENUP :
It seems like you like oriental costumes with vivid colors.
Is there any reason why you frequently draw oriental costumes?

A6. @rang :
I think Hanbok, the Korean traditional costume, is very beautiful indeed.
In Japanese animation or illustrations, kimono or yukata appear very often.

I hoped that people would notice that Hanbok is beautiful enough as they see my drawings.

Also, whenever I draw a character in Hanbok, it makes me peaceful emotionally.

Q7. @PENUP :
In your feed, I saw your captures of mobile drawing with the drawing app called “MEDIBANG Paint”.
It was so surprising to see how you could do these details in a character with mobile drawing.

What mobile device do you use?
Do you use any other drawing apps aside from MEDIBANG Paint?
Do you have any other drawing apps that you would want to recommend the PENUP users?

A7. @rang :
I used Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and changed to Note 5 very recently.

Mobile drawing is not an easy work.

I just didn’t get used to other drawing apps.
Instead of getting recommendations, I think it would be better for one to try different apps to come up with the best ones.

Q8. @PENUP :
There are many people who think that drawing a character with mobile device is very difficult.
Can you tell them a piece of advice or tip of your own when you do character drawing with the mobile device?

A8. @rang :
I think the use of layers could be one tip.
At first, I didn’t even know what layer was.
Once you get to know what it is and start using it, the coloring of background, small objects and coloring itself would be a bit easier and you can get different effects in place.

Q9. @PENUP :
Most of your characters are beautiful girls.
But, there are some men characters that catch one’s eye.
You also uploaded a piece entitled “First attempt of drawing a man!” with a man character in the beginning of this year.
I feel that we can meet not only beautiful girls but also beautiful boys in your feed.

What are your upcoming future drawing plans?

A9. @rang:
As I draw more and more girls, I felt that there is no more diversity.
So, I tried several times, but I felt it is very difficult.
Nevertheless, I am trying hard without giving up.
I want to draw male characters, as well as couples.
Please look forward to my drawings.

Q10. @PENUP :
We are up to last question.
Please leave us a comment to PENUP team.

A10. @range :
The best part about PENUP is that I get to communicate with a lot of people from different parts of the world.

I get cheered up as there are people out there in the world really enjoy my work and give me praises.

Please keep this positive channel move on.

How was our interview with @rang?
We were always curious about how this fantasy world of beautiful girls came into life.
Through the interview, we get to know better about how this world is drawn.
We look forward to more drawings of the artist.

Please don’t forget to leave a message to @rang, our HOF of the month.

November is here.
We are only a month away from the end of 2017.
What did you think as you flip the page of a calendar for 10 times?
This would be the most opportune time for you to think back about the year.
Think about your past one year before you flip the last page of the calendar that is flying to December.
Also, think about the very rosy days ahead of you.

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