2017-11-01. AM 04:11
[Challenge] 2017. November : Let's draw coloring pages for 2018 calendar

Hello PENPLEs!

As the year ends, the calendar challenge that is held every end of the year has finally arrived!

This year's theme is "coloring pages".

In last January, there was a challenge with the same theme, and we even made a PENUP coloring book out of it.

With the coloring service launch on PENUP, a lot of people are partakingin the coloring.

It is now the time for the PENPLEs to come up with a sketch.

We will make a coloring calensar out of those winning pieces.

Designed by Gavriel. / @Gavriel
Butterfly / @monggle_legacy

At PENUP coloring, there are various sketches that range from animals, foods and fantasy.

The level lf difficulty also varies with easy sketches with simple lines and more difficult ones with delicate portrayals.

The most fun part about coloring is that you get to finish fabulous drawings although you may not be as good in drawing.

apes / @Chuppylim
lion dog / @Lianamulholland

The coloring has attracted a lot of people as a means of psychological therapy.

We hope that the new year would be a more peaceful time for everyone with the PENUP coloring calendar.

* Please upload non colored "coloring sketch" on challenge menu so that more people could enjoy coloring calendar.

This challenge will continue for a month from Wednesday, November 1 to Thursday, November 30, 2018.

We look forward to your participation and fabulous work.

Thank you.

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