2017-10-24. PM 12:44
[Notice]PENUP Exhibition news hosted in Australia

Hello. This is PENUP operation team. PENUP, a social media channel through which everyone in the world gets connected, is working hard to greet you by hosting exhibitions in different countries.

This time we had an opportunity to introduce PENUP and let it known in Australia. We had the exhibition at Samsung retail shops located in Melbourne and Sydney after PENUP was being awarded as excellent contents of Galaxy Note 8 and S Pen.

The visitors were able to get firsthand experience of PENUP by using Galaxy Note 8 and S Pen. They had chance to experience new drawing tools and colorings.

Also, the works of PENUP’s popular artists were introduced on TV screen.

Please refer to the link below if you have troubles playing the clip.
Here are the artists whose works were introduced.

@Abex, @Chuppylim, @elmoghira, @eun
@hosio, @m.esquondolas, @mongpic
@Nanni, @SSB, @trapasia, @ucru, @vlad
They have had good responses from users at PENUP and now light up the exhibition all the way coming to Australia.

We hope to see everyone in the world through such a good opportunity like this in the future.

Thank you.

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