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[Challenge] 2017.October : Let’s draw In my bag

Hello PENPLEs!

The second challenge theme for October is “In My Bag”.

Bags are a means of fashion that express your own style.

Like how bags differ from each other, the belongings kept inside are different as well.

What’s in your bag?

bag and baggage / @Monsur
the headphone sketch! / @DiuXx

The belongings in the bag differ according to situations and age groups.

Sometimes in the magazines, you could see interviews about the belongings in the bags. You can get to know about a person when you look inside their bags.

You can discover whether that person is an analogue type person and you can also find out what their favorites are.

A bag would also look different as time goes on.

For instance, instead of bringing water colors and sketchbooks to draw, you can just take an electronic device.

Polaroid Camera / @Staygrl
pink laptop / @hosio

When you look into these belongings, you can also find out more about one’s occupation.

In a student’s bag, there will be textbooks;
In a pianist’s bag, there will be scores;
In a traveler’s bag, there will be guide books, bottled water, maps and cameras;
An in an athlete’s bag, there will be sports apparel and towels.

We are curious to know what is in your bag. Please show what’s inside your bag!

This challenge is continued for 16 days from Monday, October 16 – Tuesday, October 31.

We look forward to your active participation and good pieces.
Thank you.

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