2017-09-29. AM 11:09
[Challenge] Congratulations! : Let’s Draw SMTOWN Aritists!

Winner announcement!

Hello PENPLEs!
We will announce the winners of our September PENUP challenge,
“Let’s Draw SMTOWN Artists,” the FAN ART CONTEST.

First of all, we would like to thank all the PENPLEs who have partaken in the challenge.
The challenge was an opportunity for us to see your passion and excellent drawing skills.

For that reason, our judges had to go through hard time to pick the winners.
Congratulations to everyone who won the contest.

For those who PENPLEs who’ve won the challenge:
Please send us the

1) name of the art piece
2) brief backgrounder on the artwork and your comments for winning the award and
3) the original digital source of the selected piece via by October 10 for our exhibition.

*Please send [Title of the Artwork / Introduction of work / A few words / Original digital file ] to:
The winning of prize will automatically be cancelled if personal information is not delivered until Tuesday, October 10.

* The brief introduction of the art should be as concise and short as possible. We would like to ask your understanding that due to the exhibition circumstance and print format, some sentences could be shortened.
Please be aware that the background information could be translated into multiple languages for exhibition.

* Size should be over A2 (3579 X 5031px) 300dpi and CMYK file (PSDP, PDF or JPG file).
*Reply the mail with the original size of the piece that is to be exhibited.
(Example) File name: Fanbook 1/ Format: PDF/ Size: 3579 x 5031 px/ resolution: 300 dpi/ for print: CMYK

* Personal information collection service phrase :
I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

* Purpose of personal information collection and usage :
To check prize winning for PEN.UP August challenge and prize delivery.
* Personal information collection criteria: PEN.UP ID/Real name/Address/Postal code/Contact number
* Period for retaining personal information and usage: September 29, 2017 – November 31, 2017
* Consignee of personal information and consignment work: Gra-ph Design, event present delivery

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