2017-09-29. AM 09:16
[HOF] October 2017 @jiminlee

You call your friend who can interact with you without really having a conversation a soulmate.
Do you have that kind of friend beside you?

Some example would be your companion animals who are there with you as the companions of soul.
Although they don’t talk, you could still converse them in another type of language.

When you look into their eyes or pat them on their back, their hearts and thoughts are communicated through you.

Whenever one wants genuine comfort in the world of humans that consists of iron-like language, they start patting their pets.
It is maybe because this action of patting makes you become aware of the soft sense.

Our HOF of October seems to know very well what it is like to interact with the animals.
Her works are always themed on companion animals like cats.

It is @jiminlee.

She shows constant drawing style where she draws various types of cats on monotonous background.

Sometimes we can see her drawings of dogs.

Not only that, she has displayed many portraits of young kids.

Although her topics may differ from animals to children, we got to think that she is someone who is very conscious of something that is weak, small and soft.

We may get to know more about her through an interview, right?
Please welcome our HOF of October - @jiminlee.

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