2017-09-29. AM 09:08
[Challenge] 2017.October : Let’s draw Amusement Park

Hello, PENPLEs!

The weather is getting cooler these days. There is one good place to go in such weather.

That is
“Amusement Park”, which is also our first challenge of October.

Disney Castle / @inara_agv
Trip to disneyland 🌸 / @Fabulous

The amusement park is a place of dreams. It even makes you feel as if you are a character in the fairy tale that is far away from reality.

When you get on AR and VR featured rides, you can become a wizard on a broomstick that you’ve seen in movies.

in Lotte world / @karnea
In the amusement park / @Pato.Cha

There are many other entertainments aside from rides in amusement park.

The characters in a parade make tricks on you, And you take photos with your friends in the same headbands.

Likewise, an amusement park is where people’s memories get accumulated.

Disney World / @NYS-ART
Fireworks over the sea / @Abex

At amusement park, there are various types of parades. The firework that goes along with shiny lightings at the park uplift the atmosphere during nights at amusement park.

This challenge goes for 15 days from Sunday, October 1 to Sunday, October 15.

We look forward to your participation and good pieces.
Thank you.

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