2017-09-21. AM 10:33
[Challenge] 2017.September : Let’s draw PENUP

Hello, PENPLEs!

PENUP is now filling itself with small and big, positive changes!
Our second challenge of September is

What comes to your mind first when you think about PENUP?

Through Drawing I Can Go Anywhere / @CAREUS
penup / @kimdajeong

Many would think about paper plane flying in the sky. You will see that PENUP logo is composed of paper airplane with a pencil picture.

The paper airplane symbolizing that PENUP is an SNS platform where many people in the globe share and interact with each other through drawings.

In the meantime, the pencil brings itself with analogue emotions, implying that one can draw with S-PEN like how they draw on a paper with a pencil.

Each symbol showcases the identity of PENUP just right.

Happy birthday PenUp!!! / @Abex
happy birthday penup!!!! / @hosio

September 27 marks PENUP’s birthday.

A lot of people posted drawings of congratulations last birthday.

Here, you can see the airplane and pen as well :)

Did you catch the difference?
The dot is taken off from PEN.UP, with our name changes to PENUP!
The logo has been simplified as well!

Some of you may have seen it in the unpacked event last time. The newly changed logo will be applied wherever relevant.

As PENUP improves itself,
some of PENPLEs’ insights on PENUP may change.

Please show us your own PENUP!

This challenge will continue for 10 days from Thursday, September 21 to Saturday, September 30.

We look forward to your participation and great work!
Thank you. :)

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