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[Interview] HOF September 2017 @Grandpa

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso quoted, “youth has no age”.

He was fulfilled with artistic inspirations throughout his whole life, leaving thousands of masterpieces.
Proven by his artworks of late years, he was just passionate about art even when death was near.

If youth continues only with passion,
There will be forever youth as long as passion exists, just like what Picasso said.

Our HOF of September is an artist who gives us insights about getting old and passion.
It is @Grandpa.
Like his nickname, the artist is a grandpa in his 70s.
Nevertheless, betraying his age, he is very adept with smartphone device.

Due to his quality artworks, we thought that he would be have career related to art or have learned professional drawing.
But, to one’s amazement, the artist has never learned drawing; he said he first started drawing with Galaxy S3 that his son has bought him.
With the mobile drawing app he just came by accident, he discovered his hidden talent.

Let us begin our interview with @Grandpa, who is opening a new chapter in life where he is not hindered by his age but pursues only passion and challenge. : )

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello, @Grandpa!
We would first want to congratulate you!
You’ve been selected as our HOF of September.
Firstly, please give us a short introduction of yourself along with your thoughts about winning the HOF of September.

A1. @Grandpa :
My name is Sohn Ik-su, and my nickname on PENUP is @Grandpa.
First of all, thank you for choosing me as the HOF.
I want to thank PENUP for giving me the honor despite the fact that there are so many talented people out there.

Q2. @PENUP :
You are using the nickname “Grandpa”.
There are drawings of your granddaughter in your feed.
Your granddaughter should have seen your drawing, and she must have been very happy about it.
What is the response of your family or your friends about your engagement in art?

A2. @Grandpa :
Yes, whenever I miss my granddaughter, I draw her. Drawing her makes it seem that I am meeting her in person.
When I first asked my granddaughter who it was in the drawing, she didn’t answer.
But as I repeated the question, she answered her name, and that made me feel happy.

My family was worried at first time when I started drawing because I didn’t get smartphone off my hand.
But, as I get engaged in many relevant activities due to this, my family is cheering me ever more.

Q3. @PENUP :
As just said, you haven’t learned how to draw, and you just started drawing with Galaxy S3 that your son has bought you.

What was it like to use the smartphone in the first time?

A3. @Grandpa :
People at my age only use the pick up and call functions when using mobile phone.
I was no different; I only called, texted and read Internet news with smartphone.
One day, while I was using Galaxy S3 note feature, I thought to myself that I could draw.
So, I started drawing with the fingertip.
After I made some fingertip drawings, my son said that his phone has a pen.
So, I started drawing on my son’s smartphone with a pen.

Q4. @PENUP :
So you drew with your fingertips, which doesn’t seem to be an easy work.
It is said that you use Samsung’s S-pen, a type of touch pen.
Could you please tell us about how you felt about S-pen and some advantages using a touch pen compared to using fingertips?

A4. @Grandpa :
The drawings that I did with my fingertips are not that nice.
But, drawing on a smartphone was just fun at that time.

With the touch pen that was given by my son, I was able to express more delicately and sharply.
It seemed like I was got to run when I was only able to walk.

Q5. @PENUP :
You may have felt difficulty when you first started drawing on the smartphone because it would not have been easy for you to handle smartphone and the drawing app is quite complicated.
How did you first get used to smartphone and the drawing app?

A5. @Grandpa :
Yes, since I am quite old, it is not easy for me to handle devices adeptly.
I just pressed something wrong, and I got all my photos deleted at once.

I liked S Note itself, but after I got to know that there is a drawing app, I learned one by one by just trying this and that.
At that time, I just drew anything to get myself accustomed to the app.
I myself got enthusiastic with learning; it wouldn’t have been possible if someone just told me to do it with force.^^

Q6. @PENUP :
Let us talk about your artworks.
You mostly draw landscapes.
You capture the serene moments of sea, mountains, lake, river and countryside landscapes in your artworks.

Is there any reason you like drawing natural landscapes?
Is there any specific landscape you like?

A6. @Grandpa :
Yes, as I draw landscape, I feel a sense of serenity myself.
Concentrating on something makes me get rid of other trifles and thoughts in life.

It is also very pleasing to show my completed artworks to my family.
Personally, I like sunset and countryside landscape.
Drawing these landscapes make me recall my memories. ^^

Q7. @PENUP :
How do you choose your theme?
Do you visit the places to get the source for artworks or do you just happen to draw what you’ve encountered accidently?

A7. @Grandpa :
Nothing particular, If there is any landscape that I want to draw, I take a photograph on my own for drawing.
Sometimes I draw what I picture in my mind.
Also, I copy straight from what I see. Sometimes, my family or friends would take photographs of the sites they visit during their trips for me to draw.

Q8. @PENUP :
We heard that you draw many art pieces.
How long do you work on a daily basis, and how many art pieces do you draw?

A8. @Grandpa :
Since I didn’t learn how to draw officially, it would take hours or days for me to finish drawing especially when I have difficulties in expressing what I want to show.
The best part about the smartphone app is that you can edit it after you draw; it’s an advantage for beginners like me.
But, I feel so good when I finish a piece that I wanted to draw despite the long hours and days.

Q9. @PENUP :
Is there any change in your life after you started mobile drawing?

A9. @Grandpa :
It is so pleasing to see that my family and friends get positive influence from my drawing – what would have otherwise be a hobby and joy of my own.
Also, I am very happy that I got to meet a lot of good people through smartphone drawing.
Some people, in surprise that a grandpa like me would draw with a smartphone, come to me for tips.

Q10. @PENUP :
Please leave your word of advice or cheer for the senior users who are trying to start mobile drawing as their hobby.

A10. @Grandpa :
Like myself, taking a start is the most difficult part.
I am also a grandfather of a girl, but regardless of age, appropriate hobby could be enjoyable momentum in life.

Q11. @PENUP :
We are left with one question.
Every HOF gets the same last question.

Is there anything you want from PENUP as an active artist in this space?

A11. @Grandpa :
Now, we’ve come to an era where everyone in the globe could interact with each other with a small device called smartphone.
I am thankful for PENUP team for their efforts in connecting everyone in the world with one unified theme – drawing.
If you open up opportunities like lecture where people interested in smartphone drawing could make an easy access to, I would want to partake in it to learn more.
Thank you.

How was the interview with @Grandpa?
Didn't you feel a sense of high passion?

Please gauge your level of passion.
In the midst of busy daily life, one may loose track of what we want to do just to live the day.
Hence, the level of passion would surely go down, wouldn't it?
If you have anything you want to do, don't hesitate.
There is no obstacle to your way of passion.

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Thank you.

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