2017-09-05. AM 06:30
[Notice] Galaxy Note 8 - PENUP Introduction Video

Hello, everyone! This is PENUP :)

As I told you a few days ago,
in the sunny city of New York,
There was the Unpack Event of Galaxy Note 8 was held!

We, PENUP, also delivered our PENUP news to the users with a few photos briefly.

In this Unpack Event, our PENUP artists filled the venue with their works.

I would like to introduce 13 Penple who participated in this Unpack Frame TV Exhibition.

Abex, aristina.z, Chuppylim, elmoghira, eun, Grandpa,
hosio, hrum, NanNi, Nitin.Kurvey, SSB, ucru, vlad

Thank you so much for participating in this Unpack Event. :)

And I want to show you a simple edit of the part where PENUP was introduced in this Unpack Event :)

Today’s PENUP has been made with the qualities of many Penple.
Based on the diligence that you have accumulated so far, we will try to make PENUP more fun and enjoyable.

Thank you :)

If you can not play the video, please use the link below.

PENUP - Share your drawings! PEN.UP Team