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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

The first challenge in August!

People may have different feelings regarding one same subject whether it be the same venue or some objects.
Sharing all these different things become very precious when we come to traveling.

Our first challenge in August seemed like the one where people shared their feelings about travelling.

Please send your message of congratulations to the 10 people below.
Thank you everyone who participated in the “Trip” challenge. :)

Lost in Wonderland / @DarkVortex
time travel / @monggle

There are many facets to travelling. Here you see a trip where it transcends time and space.

Is this girl lost?
A mystical wonderland is spread out in front of her. She should be Alice since there is the Mad Hatter and the Rabbit.

This is where Alice’s adventure starts!
It seems like she needs to walk past this cranky roads if she needs to reach to the castle.
It’s @DarkVortex’s drawing which makes you wonder what will take place next.

It is time machine to the past in 1999.
To what scene will this trip bring to?
Also, I wonder how it will look like to go on a trip to the future. It is a piece by @monggle.

lago / @cristinayamil
Watching algarve sunset / @isaVarela

Watching the sunset is also a precious part about traveling.

@cristinayamil showed a sunset on calm lake.The lake is colored with the sunset, and there is two people and one dog on kayak. It surely is a warm and peaceful drawing.

@isaVarela drew sunset seen silently alone at the terrace. A woman seems to be indulged watching the sea.

jungle island / @Zmajanica
Trip to the Beach /@Grafixguru

Next comes the most fun part in traveling - that is sea.

The first drawing seems to be a picture of no man island captured by a drone. Pebble sand beach, transparent sea and the birds flying above.
It is a piece by @Zmajanica of which the clean nature seems to be purifying the heart.

The sister is pulling her brother’s cart along to the sea. Their mom and dad would be watching the scene in smile.
It is a drawing by @Grafixguru who showed a lovely scene.

End of trip / @Cong.gee
Praha / @RedEYEPARK

There is a trip where you with many others but there is also definitely one you go alone.

You see a woman who seems to have come back home after a trip; she seems to be quite sad at the thought of having to go back to reality.
It is a piece by @Cong.gee.

@RedEYEPARK drew a trip in Prague. You feel lot of freedom if you travel alone.
But it seems quite inconvenient when you have to take pictures.

It seems like one asked another person to take the picture for her, or it may also be interpreted as one missing her trip she had in the past.

Good evening, this is your captain speaking.. / @zivzif
canada Victoria / @color.park

The flight for takeover to the destination is filled with excitement, but it changes to sadness when you come back.

The clouds and the miniature like homes; one may feel that the world is really big during travel.

It is @zivzif’s piece which is about the start and the end of a trip.

You will see travelers riding horses when you sit at the grassfield on Victoria parliament building in Canada.

The horse carts elevate the atmosphere in Victoria. The particular calmness of Victoria is well conveyed in @color.park’s drawing.

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