2017-09-01. AM 10:58
[HOF] September 2017 @Grandpa

People's life is often compared with the seasons.
While passionate youth is often represented by summer, the latter part of the life is seen as winter.

Many think that the old age is a period when one would look back upon his/her life, and they think that this period of life is not something close to passion.
But, if one stays passionate, wouldn't he continue to be young with fresh mindset and heart?

Our HOF of September is an artist who makes us think about the definition of becoming older.
It is @Grandpa who actively shows digital art pieces with his smartphone device when he is in his 70s.
He has strong ties with PENUP, featuring in drawing talk show and lectures at PENUP exhibition in Korea.

He first started digital art by touching the screen with the fingertips with Galaxy S3 S-Note, which was presented by his son.
It is hard to believe such high quality work was done with his fingertips.
Now, he is using Galaxy Note 4 and is using S Pen, which makes his drawings more sophisticated.

He said he has never learned how to draw and studied himself.
Despite his age, @Grandpa is showing a world of his own with his infinite challenges.
It is anticipated that we could learn something from @Grandpa through his interview.

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