2017-08-28. AM 04:07
[GalaxyNote8] Enjoy PENUP with coloring book!
* The Coloring feature announced at the Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2017 will be newly provided in the middle of September.

Hi, everyone! This is PENUP.
Many of you may know though the search word!
August 24, at 0 o’clock today!

The unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8 was held
at the Park Avenue Amory in Manhattan, New York, USA :)

There was a great event in the crowd.

Every time a new smartphone is launched, it provided information to customers
through the unpacked event.

In this unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8, there was something more special!

Our PENUP was introduced
with a new logo!! :)

At the moment when the works of our PENUP users appear one by one!
I just thought that it cannot be, but right behind him~!

PENUP engraved with paper plane logo
on huge screen!!

Looking at the scene that Go Dong-jin, CEO of Samsung Electronics Wireless Division, introduces PENUP,
I even felt so great about it :)

There was a gallery using The Frame, Samsung TV, around the venue.

54 works of 13 PENUP artists were displayed.

And also, there was an experience zone where you can experience Galaxy Note 8.
I was able to meet PENUP there too.
With the use of S Pen, you can enjoy the new coloring book features provided by PENUP more efficiently.

It is said that more than 1,500 people participated in this unpacked event of Galaxy Note 8.
It was broadcast live online simultaneously,
and it recorded 200,000 views as soon as the event was started and it recorded a total of 14 million views in the five hours after the event.

With this as a stepping-stone, we, PENUP, will make every effort to reach the users
one step closer :)

Thank you!

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