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[Review] Challenge of July (2)

The second challenge in July!

It was indeed a challenge filled with various fruits!

Please send words of congratulations to the 10 winners below!
Thank you everyone who participated in the “Fruits” challenge.

Grapes / @Abex
Fragola / @mark_viii

These two artworks really feel live.

The first one is delicate artwork of @Abex; even the light reflected on the grapes is seen.
Can’t you feel the live expression in all the grapes?

@mark_viii drew strawberries dipped in chocolate.
The melting chocolate and even the minute strawberry seeds are expressed well.

pomegranate / @shahir
fruit challenge / @Robyn

@shahir drew pomegranate.
In the flat side, the seeds, which are the details of the fruits, are drawn. It was indeed an artwork where the red color of pomegranate looked attractive.

Resonating with the challenge theme, this drawing has many different fruits all in one place.
It is @Robyn’s artwork which looked like a still life work.

watermelon pool / @HAHIHOOHAEHO
"Good bye.. Apple." /@Charunda

Now, let us meet fruits with faces.

The fruits are enjoying their leisure time in the watermelon grass, drinking cocktail.
The blue crab on the beach is glancing at the fruits in jealousy.

It seems like we are peeking into the summer vacation of the fruits. One gets to wonder to whom the straw belongs.
It is @HAHIHOOHAEHO’s artwork where the artist’s wit and sense are seen.

The separation at the mart fruit corner.
The apple that has been taken by a shopper and the other apple left in the shelf are desperately reaching their hands out.

The left apple one day would go to someone’s home. It was @Charunda’s artwork, where the apple’s perspective is seen.

Pomegranate Cage / @Ghazal
untitled / @KeeKee

It is @Ghazal’s artwork.
According to the Greek myths, Persephone became the wife of Hades, the God of Underworld because she ate the pomegranate. The mystical colors really give highlight on the mythology elements.

This artwork really shows the unique style of @KeeKee. The sides that spread out in circular motion give texture type feel. He drew dimensional fruits with curves.

fruits! / @jamieozaki
True Mango Paradise / @francis150

It seems like the fruits are dancing in flow. @jamieozaki drew mandala with the symmetry and repetitive structures.

Mangoes in the tree-lined streets. Those trees should be mango trees; it is indeed mango paradise!

The cut mango seems like the fallen leaf on the ground. It is artwork by @francis150.

Below are our 10 winners.



We will present the gift set to all ten people who won the challenge.
Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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