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[Challenge] 2017.August : Let’s draw SMTOWN Artists!
‘Let’s Draw SMTOWN Artists!’ (FAN ART CONTEST)

Hello, PENPLEs!
We have brought you today a very special challenge!

Do you have any favorite K-POP?
K-POP refers to Korean Pop Music. The word has been originated from “Pop Music” or “Pop Song” that is used to call the popular music in England or the states; similarly, Japanese popular music is called “J-Pop”, China “C-Pop” and Thailand “T-Pop”.

S.M. Entertainment is the pioneer in the Korean entertainment industry, and it is a total entertainment group that is leading the global Korean wave and K-Pop fad.
S.M.Entertainment shares Fan-art through the platform ‘FanBook’.

In joint hands with FanBook, PENUP is holding a drawing challenge!
It is a special challenge that offers huge rewards and gifts that make you an early adapter!
This challenge is called “Let’s Draw SMTOWN Artists! (FAN ART CONTEST)”.

Please draw artworks of SMTOWN artists and the type of Halloween costumes that you want them to wear. Post the works both on PENUP and FanBook.

Challenge Topic

1. The most memorable moments of SMTOWN artists
**Check SMTOWN artist

2. Look of the SMTOWN artists in the Halloween costume

Applicant’s qualification

- Anyone registered on PENUP and FanBook.

How to apply

- This challenge is a collaboration project between PENUP X FanBook, so you need to post on both sites to get higher chance of winning the event

Sharing artworks SNS ‘PENUP’

Fan Art social platform “FanBook”

-The artworks on PENUP and FanBook could be the same or different.
The prize win will be one artwork per person.

- Those winners who only posted on only one of the two platforms – PENUP and FanBook – will only get special prize.
(If you posted on only one platform, you can’t get Grand Award, Best Award, Excellent Award and Participation Award.)

- Please write down ①artwork title and ②description in the “description” part when uploading.

- You will get higher chance of winning the prize if you upload the artworks on your own SNS channels (Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram) along with the URL of your uploaded work and hash tag #FanBookXPENUP.

- The size of uploaded image on PENUP should be 800px*600px at least.

- The prize winning products may be displayed in the exhibition later; the higher the resolution is, the higher chance of winning the prize.

- When applying via FanBook, please follow along the FanBook guide.

- The artworks should resonate with the challenge theme.

Application period & schedule

- Application period: Tuesday, August 22 – Wednesday, September 20
- Announcement: Friday, September 29

Judgement criteria

- Expert group evaluations +
PENUP staff evaluation +
FanBook staff evaluation +
Love (favorability level) in FanBook or likes on PENUP

Award ceremony & gifts

- Total winners: 25 people
- Prizes: Monetary prize and gifts totaling KRW 30 million/ partaking in the exhibition


- The taxes should be paid by the winners themselves.
- The winner should agree to the “Collection & Use of Personal Data terms” below to receive prizes.
* Collection & use of personal data terms:
I agree that my personal data is collected and used.
I have confirmed the consignment of personal data information and I agree to the personal data consignment.
You may not give us the consent to the collection and use of data, but in this case, the winning may be retracted.

- Purpose of personal data collection and use:

- Criteria of personal data to be collected: PENUP member name/ real name/ recipient address/ postal code/ contact number/ one’s own bank account copy for monetary gift transaction/ social ID of the winner

- Personal data retaining & usage period: 2017.9. 29 ~ 2017. 11. 29

- Entity where the personal data is consigned and will do consignment task: Graph Design, event product delivery

- The winning maybe retracted if the winner does not deliver the original source file of the artwork, artwork description and personal data for prize delivery until Tuesday, October 10, 2017 via penup.mgr@gmail.com.

- In any case the contact is unavailable or return of prize due to personal information mistakes, the prize will not be re-delivered.

- All prizes should be exposed within the range appointed by PENUP and FanBook in the terms and conditions.

- The winning artworks can be used in PENUP and FanBook in the below purposes.
•Online: copy and sending purposes
•Offline: Copy, print and exhibition purposes
•For other uses and business purposes (commercial uses like stickers), discussion with the winner will take place in advance.

- In case any problem occurs with the artworks, the applicants should take the legal responsibilities, and the winning may be retracted and the gift maybe returned.
- Inappropriate artworks uploaded maybe deleted without pre-warning.

*Postings with obscene or hatred expression and/or slangs.

*Postings with too much advertisement and/or commercial purposes.

*Postings that have included others’ production without permission.

*Postings that include criticism or slander.


Q) Can I withdraw my application?
A) Yes. You can withdraw anytime during the application period. But, the withdrawal is not possible after the application period.

Q) Can I delete my artwork that I have submitted?
A) You can delete your submitted artwork after withdrawing the application. But the artwork cannot be deleted after the application period.

Q) Can one person submit a number of different artworks?
A) Yes, it’s possible. But, even if you submit a number of different artworks, the final winning artwork could only be one per person.

Q) Is there any limitation to drawing method?
A) No, there is no special restrictions. But please refer to “submission type” for size and resolution guide.

Q) Should I only use Galaxy Note when uploading via PENUP?
A) No, you can use various means. But the chance of your winning special prize will go higher when you use Galaxy Device.

Q) How can I revise the artwork uploaded on PENUP?
A) You can only revise the description, but cannot edit the image. In order to revise the image, you need to delete it and repost.

For further questions, please contact penup.mgr@gmail.com. Please read the guideline on FanBook when you upload artworks on FanBook.

Thank you.

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