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[Interview] HOF August 2017 @feltboy

Do you listen to things around you often?
If you think that things that
are not breathing have life like human beings,
You cannot pass your surroundings easily.

When you believe that things have expressions of smiling and crying
or feelings of likes and dislikes,
wouldn’t you look around with affection?

This artist, selected as HOF in August,
is looking at things that are caught in our daily life with such an affectionate gaze.

He is the artist @feltboy.

His cute drawing style and humorous setting of situation gives pleasure to the viewers.

He usually works on things that are common around us.
Through personification work that brings expression and emotion into things, he paints a variety of interesting episodes in his works.

When you look at the works of the artist who catches the usual situation that we can just pass through in our daily life, we can feel his affection for things as well as his outstanding observation.

I wondered what kind of thinking and tone the artist has, and now, we can hear the voice directly through this interview.

I’ll start an interview with the artist @feltboy, HOF in August!

Q1. @PENUP :
Hi, Mr. @feltboy!
You are selected as our HOF in August.

Please introduce yourself and say hello to our PENUP members!

A1. @feltboy :
Hello, everyone! :D
I am the artist @feltboy
and I usually draw cute and pretty things around us.

When I heard the news that I was selected as HOF in August, I was a little bit embarrassed but also happy at the same time.
I really appreciate my PENPLE fans.

Q2. @PENUP :
I think there are a lot of people who wonder about your nickname ‘feltboy’.

Why did you start to use the nickname?

A2. @feltboy :
It’s a kind of funny story.
My mother has learnt the felt crafts and the materials has left a lot.
I wanted to make a doll with the remaining felt materials and put it on the blog, so I decided to make my nickname as ‘feltboy(felt + boy)’.
And now, this is my trademark ^^

Q3. @PENUP :
You usually work on things that we can meet everywhere, such as an umbrella standing in the rain, toast machines, ice creams, smart phones and so forth.
They are easily overlooked if you are not interested.

Is there any special reason that you work on these things?

A3. @feltboy :
Nobody can live without things at any moment.
So, the things around me came into my mind.
Whenever I draw the things one by one,
I made a smile and it was so interesting.
Therefore, I’m still drawing the things in our daily life usually.

Q4. @PENUP :
To capture these minor things,
You need to be sharp in observation I think.

Do you usually observe your surroundings?
And how do you look for materials?

A4. @feltboy :
I have a lot of interest in my surroundings rather than a keen observation.
So, when I find any interesting or unique objects or scenes in my daily life, I usually make a note of the situation to express in my drawing.

Q5. @PENUP :
The main characters in your paintings have strong and various feelings.
They are laughing or crying, and sometimes angry.

Your characters seem to express the various feelings
through their face look.
And they have their own characteristics due to their looks.

I wonder what kind of way you are giving feelings to the things.

A5. @feltboy :
I imagine that things have their own feelings like human beings.
When you imagine the feelings, you can catch the circumstances that the things face and you can express the various expressions and feelings while drawing pictures naturally.

Q6. @PENUP :
There is a humorous story in your works.
And there are a lot of paintings that show brilliant ideas.

Such as an ice cream cone that sneezes due to cold, a blender for dancing, and a cat looking into a mouse inside the monitor screen...

How do you come up with the ideas?

A6. @feltboy :
The idea comes mainly from my imagination.
When I draw a picture of ice cream for example,
I think about the ideas, such as,
“Will ice cream get cold too?”
“What about mom ice cream and baby ice cream?”
“If ice cream gets angry, what would be the reason?”

When I continue to think about these kinds of bold ideas, I come up with a new idea naturally ^^

Q7. @PENUP :
Among your works uploaded, there are some coloring drawings.
A lot of people do colorings to heal the injured minds and calm their breath these days.

And you released two coloring books a few years ago.

I think you are constantly interested in coloring.
I am wondering what coloring work means to you and which part of the work you are attracted to.

A7. @feltboy :
My goal and dream is to draw the pictures that
make you happy all the time.
Since coloring makes both people who draws and colors happy,
I think it’s attractive.

Q8. @PENUP :
I know that you are actively involved in various social networks including YouTube and blog.

On your SNS channels, you are providing your drawing tip contents, smart phone backgrounds and calendar illustrations for free.
And the response of your visitors is very good.

I wonder what kind of feelings do you have when you’re communicating with people through the various SNS channels as well as PENUP.

A8. @feltboy :
I think drawing is my happiness.

When I read the comments that my paintings made them happy or mails that they were thankful to download my free drawings,
and when I saw the children who are happy to follow my drawing tips, I felt proud and it made me so happy.

Q9. @PENUP :
You’re telling your drawing tips for beginners on your SNS channels.
Can you make an advice about “How to draw a picture” for beginners?

A9. @feltboy :
I do not think that it is not so important whether you are good at drawing or not.
I have never been taught about drawing and I am not good at drawings, but I feel so happy for drawing.
And, if there are people who can make a smile seeing my paintings, I think this is happiness.

Do not be afraid that you are not good at drawing.
If you upload your pictures to PENUP steadily, You can surely have some nice pictures of your own style someday.

Q10. @PENUP :
You’re showing your digital works with digital devices as well as hand paintings on paper.

Is there any drawing app that you usually use?

A10. @feltboy :
I have used ‘LayerPaint’ app first because the blending of watercolor blushes was so good.

Now, I’m using ‘MediBang Paint’ app.
It is for free and more convenient to use.
Both of these apps have the function of hand shake correction, so they seem to be good for beginners.

Q11. @PENUP :
And this is the last question.
It is a common question to all HOF artists.

Do you have anything that you want from PENUP as an artist active in PENUP?

A11. @feltboy :
I really appreciate that PENUP made the space where we can meet the various works from all over the world and communicate with each other.

And I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of works where we can share our hearts.

We made an interview with @feltboy this month.

The thing that I learnt from his interview is that I need to see the small things around me with affection and that drawing is started from the point other than any special thing.

It is August.
And the half of this year has passed already.
It’s the hardest when you climb about half way up the hill.
This is the time when your desire, enthusiasm and hope that burned in January are dimmed and discharged.
Your cellular phone can be filled with a charger, but what can fill your discharged mind?
The answer is upon you.
Why don’t you think about what to fill your mind with?

And don’t forget to visit the feed of @feltboy to leave your congratulation message!

Thank you : )

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