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[Review] Challenge of July (1)

The 1st Challenge in July!

Like a sea full of endlessly mysterious beings, it was a fantastic challenge.

Please send your congratulatory message to the following 10 artists selected for this challenge~
Thank you all for participating in the ‘Aquarium’ Challenge :)

"Octavio" / @Ropestrart
Octopussy / @AleeArtist

The main character of these two works is the octopus.

How many octopuses are there in @Ropestrart’s picture?
There are the aquarium octopus, the baby in octopus clothes and the small octopus on his shoes.
The octopus looks like greeting.
Do they recognize each other?

The artist @AleeArtist draw an emerald octopus.
The octopus stares straight ahead in a yoga-like pose with his eyes wide open.
Who is he looking at?

looking into it / @MACTAC
flying fish / @captianadhd

A fish in a small fishbowl appears in these two works.

Not only in a small fishbowl, there is a fish also in the floating bubbles. The eyes of a woman looking at fish in the bowl seem to be sad. It is the work of @MACTAC.

It is a flying fish. The fish tank became a balloon. Does he feel the fear of heights?
He opens and closes his mouth repeatedly with his eyes wide open.
The look of fish is so cute in @captianadhd’s work.

Me, my cat, and the aquarium city / @surya_darmana
Glowing Fins /@dogloven

The shining fishes are impressive in contrast to the darkness.

The unidentified round light, the lights from the square windows and the school of swimming fish are dreamy in @surya_darmana’s work.
The blue light illuminating this scene adds to the atmosphere.

A man looking at the shoal of fish in blue fluorescent light. What is he thinking now?
You can concentrate on your thinking quietly while looking at @dogloven’s work.

Aquarium. Ray / @Lentz.bc.Gim
Day at the Aquarium / @dollshouse

The artist @Lentz.bc.Gim painted cute stingrays. Looking at the smiling stingrays, don’t you make a smile on your own?
It is a work that delivers a happy virus like a spreading water drop.

When you go to the aquarium, you can fish of various colors. The artist @dollshouse drew tropical fish with unusual colors.
The harmony of colors is wonderful.

Mi Beta / @David-RM
Hi friend / @hosio

The artist @David-RM painted a fish with colorful tail. The various colors remind me of a rainbow.
The fish looks so vivid and dynamic that it seems to be able to move when touched.

The artist @hosio drew a dolphin, the flower of aquarium.
The dolphin is approaching in front of a child who reaches out a hand to him.
The child has a new friend now.

Below are our 10 winners.



We will present the gift set to all ten people who won the challenge.
Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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