2017-08-02. AM 02:24
[HOF] August 2017 @feltboy

Have you ever thought that there is a life to the nonliving objects?
There are times when you feel that the objects you see commonly in daily life have expressions and emotions.

When you feel gloomy,
you may feel the objects are crying,
while they seem to be smiling when you are happy.

Our HOF of August is an artist who gives life to these objects in the artworks.

The objects that appear in the artist’s artworks are always personified.
The objects who smile, cry and make different facial expressions are expressed in the artist’s cute art style.

This artist is @feltboy who gets positive response from the PENUP users with cute and small characters.

The hot boiling pot in the kitchen.
The umbrella and rain boots in the rain.
The already done breads in the toaster.
The artist gets a grasp of the objects that you may pass along in life and put characters into it.

Those objects that may have been forgotten would shine with their own characters with the artist’s touch.

With the unique and fun situation presentation, the artist makes one enjoyable.
We always thought how the artist would come to such imaginations and creativity.

There were many questions for him; we believe such questions will be resolved with the interview with HOF.

Please send him words of congratulations to our HOF of August @feltboy.

Please leave messages to @feltboy.

Also, check out the interview with the artist later!

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