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[Challenge] 2017.August : Let’s draw Trip


The first topic for August challenge is

Have you got your vacation plans yet?
Traveling is the best way to leave the repetitive life and revitalize yourself.

There are many types of trips – new place, new people, trips that you go alone and trips that you go with people.

We are curious how your traveling looks like.

Nature /@Grandpa
Camping of Dream /@CAREUS

The stars on salt desert.
Green aurora from the north.
The trips to watch these hard-to-experience beautiful scenery is very special.

Traveling cold places during hot summer and hot places during winter, like summer Christmas, is surely romantic, isn’t it?

Red VW Road Trip /@dlwhitehurst
Untitled / @firenzazul

Upon one’s preference, some may prefer nature and some may prefer city.

When you go on a road trip with the vast nature, you may come across wild animals.

When you go to popular traveling spots, you will see crowds of people.
You wil lcome across artists.
The musicians on the street also put a sense of vitality in the city.
Looking at these people is also fun enough.

scenes when traveling Canada /@color.park
newyork landscape /@simplegiant

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page,”
said Aurelius Augustinus regarding traveling.

This challenge will continue on for 15 days from Tuesday, August 1 – Tuesday, August 15.

We look forward to your participation and fabulous works!
Thank you.

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