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[Review] Challenge of June (2)

The second challenge in June!

It was indeed a fun challenge where everyone got to see very imaginative works.

Please send the 10 winners below a message of congratulations.
Thank you everyone who partook in this “Rainbow” challenge.

untitled / @ANGELINAjuly
Rainbow's Moon-bath / @catarmananon

These two artworks show beautiful rainbow colored hair.

@ANGELINAjuly drew an unicorn that is flying somewhere out there. The shattered hair adds more mystic mood to the work.

@catarmananon drew an elf with beautiful soft skin and neat rainbow colored hair.
Is it getting some energy from the moonlight in the clouds? It is such mystical work.

rainbow sliding~ / @monggle
Reflection / @Brodrina

Two children are riding on rainbow slides.
The baby at the front is enjoying it much, while the baby at the rear side is scared that he closed his eyes.
It was @monggle’s cute artwork of fairy tale like imaginations.

The sky with pastel tone colored rainbow.
The view of sky reflecting on the water.
The woman in red dress.
It is @Brodrina’s artwork of sensational color combinations.

Rainbow / @Grafixguru
Rainbow Unicorn /@LaVolpe

@Grafixguru drew rainbow in peaceful landscape.
It seems like the rainbow is seen in the dawn.
The sheer rainbow in the wet fog just seems to make everything go silent even the waterfalls.

A woman that has the horn of a unicorn is sitting on the cloud. The rainbow bridge connects clouds to clouds.
Is she somewhere from that cloud and taking some rest?

This was @LaVolpe’s work where the contrast of the dark background and shiny rainbow stood out.

Rainbow painting on wall / @Fabulous
Untitled / @AleeArtist

We see a woman drawing murals.
The cat is leaving some colored footsteps.
The artwork is by @Fabulous; it is indeed of lively atmosphere in the sunshine after the rain.

Next comes @AleeArtist’s artwork which conveys dimensional story in one scene.

The rainbow between the sun and clouds. The raindrops go as waterfalls as it drops down the clouds.
The nature-full elements give a sense of vitality.

Paint It Rainbow / @Ghazal
rainbow upon the sky / @adolphlip

Rainbow also symbolizes freedom.
This was @Gahazl’s artwork where one could feel relief through graffiti, which is another name for freedom.

@adolphlip drew rainbow on the wide field.
The dark clouds are still there.
The rainbow that divides the dark cloud filled sky and the sunset is indeed inspirational.

Below are our 10 winners.



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Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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