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[Interview] HOF July 2017 @aristina.z

Do you believe the imaginary world?
It would only live in your minds.
So, when you dream,
The world would roll out regardless of time and venue.
There is no limits; imagination has limitless power.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!”

This quote by Einstein is written on our July HOF @artistina.z’s profile.

This is a piece of element that makes you understand about the artworks by @artistina.z who draws fantasy.

The artist draws vivid colored landscapes,
Atmosphere with aurora, unknown planet in the sky,
And the princess, fairy and imaginary animals.
These are not yet explained by realistic logic.
But for those who believe in the power of imagination, the fantasy landscape would mean genuine world for them, just like how you believed in the world of fantasy in the fairy tales during childhood.

When you look at the artworks of the artist, you would feel the innocence of the lost childhood.

The artist consistently updates artworks on PENUP.
She gets great feedback from the users.
The vivid colors and themes in the artist’s feeds make us enjoyable.

Then let us begin the interview with @artistina.z, our HOF of July.

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello. We are from PENUP team.
We would like to congratulate you on your winning of July HOF.

Please introduce yourself and your words on winning this HOF.

A1. @aristina.z : Hello
First of all I want to thank you all for this wonderful surprise….it transported me to fantasy world permanently!
A huge thank you to all the amazing PEN.PLE for your beautiful messages, appreciation and encouragement...You have brightened my universe with your praise and your awesome artworks inspire me to do better!

My name is Farah Zaidi Khan, and I am a Dental Surgeon by profession.
Most of my life (am in my thirties) have been pretty busy with studies and work but recently have cut down a little on my professional commitments to spend some quality time with my two small children.
Around a year back I discovered PENUP and took up digital drawing which has made me feel blessed instead of feeling stressed after a busy day at work and home!

Q2. @PENUP :
We’ve already mentioned in the beginning.
We see that you’ve written Einstein’s quote in your profile.
What does imagination mean to you when you do artwork?

A2. @aristina.z :
My entire artwork is usually based on imagination which comes from the fact that I am an avid reader of fiction and fantasy books and when I am doing an artwork I don’t usually keep a painting for reference on the side as it may influence my style of drawing.

I first choose a colour and then I use different hues and shades of it to get the backdrop I have imagined. Once I get the desired backdrop then only I decide what to draw.

So, my artworks are usually done in reverse.
First the colour, then the shading & light effects and finally the drawing.

Q3. @PENUP :
Your works are themed on fantasy.
Especially, the unique situation that you present creates imaginary atmosphere.

For example, a woman would be looking into a mirror, and the path to a castle would reflect through it.
Also, the woman that floats the light up to the sky alone in the desert is something that stimulates one’s imagination.

Where do you get all these inspirations for attractive situation presentation?

A3. @aristina.z :
My inspiration usually stems from my childhood memories as we usually spent most of our time outdoors, reading books or listening to stories and the only computer we had was in the computer room where it took up most of the desk space and we only went there occasionally to look up something important.

After spending most of my teenage years buried in books, now I am seeing a different world altogether with smartphones and limitless possibilities where information is just a click away and I can draw vistas from my childhood onto a digital screen and share it with like-minded people across the world.

Q4. @PENUP :
In your works, we see many elements like red hat, princess, witch and fairy and palace, which are seen in the fairy tales.

Is there a reason you get the motif from fairy tales?

A4. @aristina.z :
This is so true... because actually I am reliving my childhood with my children.
You will usually see the artwork related to the fairy tale I am reading to them at that point of time.

They are at an age where they think their parents can do almost anything...so I am usually asked to draw dragons, dinosaurs and ninja turtles in serious little voices and I try not to disappoint them!

Q5. @PENUP :
There are two types of nature that often appear in your artworks: lake and moon.
The lake where the water doesn’t flow would reflect the atmosphere like mirror is quite attractive.

So you can’t really discern lake from atmosphere.
Also, moon appears in your artworks very often.
Do you happen to like lake and moon?
What are other parts of nature you favor the most?

A5. @aristina.z :
Yes, I love drawing the lake and the moon and basically the skies during sunset or moonrise.

I especially enjoyed drawing this piece in the middle where a couple is seen against the backdrop of the huge white moon which is dedicated to my husband as I always believe that my parents gave me wings but my husband has given me the limitless sky to fly in.

Q6. @PENUP :
Looking at your artworks, it seems like there is a proposition that you enjoy.
You like the proposition that is vertical and split the canvas into half.

For instance, you draw sky in the top part and split the bottom part with the horizon and mountains set as standards.

Do you have any reason for enjoying such proposition?

A6. @aristina.z :
Yes, because in reality when we see a clear lake, you can almost always see the mountains reflected onto the lake and it gives a feeling of calm and serenity which I love a lot and try to make use of it in my artworks as it gives them more depth and conveys a feeling of peacefulness.

Q7. @PENUP :
It’s so enjoyable to see your posts in your feed.
The reason is that your use of colors is very vivid and very shocking.

Most of all, bright colors are seen very often, which makes the presentation more mystical, more fantasy-like and more dramatic.

It is not seen very often in the reality. Is there a reason you use these colors?

A7. @aristina.z :
As you might have noticed that I use only two or three hues in one artwork, so for me one colour is complete in itself and I don’t feel the need to use different colours for mountains and trees etc. but different shades or Chroma of the same colour.

So, usually my spectrum shifts from dull to bright to shocking shades of the same colour rather than using a different colour or hue altogether.

Q8. @PENUP :
I always go and check out your artworks before I read the title.
The title gives an answer to your intentions.

The literature-like and metaphoric titles give more stories to the artworks. Wondering whether you come up with the titles first before working on the artwork or the opposite.

How do you come up with the titles?

A8. @aristina.z :
As I draw on sketchbook pro exclusively where we can use different layers, so once I complete two layers I usually have many names floating in my head related to the colour and by the time I get the final layer done, I have usually zeroed in on the most apt title.

I try to use a title related to fantasy so that it can add more mystery and intrigue as well as trigger the imagination of the viewer.

Q9. @PENUP :
I know you do digital art.
The digital art has its own attractive point compared to the paper as you need to draw onto the device monitor.

What do you like about the digital art?

A9. @aristina.z :
The best thing about digital art is that it can be done anywhere, anytime and with the minimum amount of equipment and fuss.

I can carry my works in my pocket anywhere I want to.
I also love the fact that I can work on different layers using the sketchbook which gives the option of re-doing some portions of the artwork if I want to without altering the entire scene.

Q10. @PENUP :
Last but not least. Do you have any comments for the PENUP team?

A10. @aristina.z :
Just wanted to congratulate you people for doing a commendable job by bringing so many artists from across the globe onto one platform where they can display their own works and admire and be inspired by the amazing artworks of other artists.

I also appreciate the proactive steps that you all have been taking to encourage only original pieces of artwork by the artist themselves.

I especially love and look forward to the new challenge every 15 days which triggers our imagination and creativity.

Thank you so much once again and keep up the good work.

We were able to share more in-depth stories with @artistina.z who seem to work in veil due to the mystic and unique atmosphere her artworks convey.

One could realize the imagination could be a solution to all.
Hope that all of you could roll out your imagination that is kept unconsciously in your minds.

Now, it’s July of scorching heat.
The heat makes us all tired, but one would think about going on traveling due to the weather.

Leaving behind your daily life could come as excitement.
Forget about the things that bound you, and leave for new places.

If you can’t go on a vacation this summer,
Why don’t you travel your world of imagination like @artistina.z under cool air conditioner?

Don’t forget to leave messages of congratulations to @artistina.z, our HOF of the month.
Thank you :-)

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