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[Challenge] 2017.July : Let’s draw Fruits


The second challenge for July is “Fruits”.

There are many different fruits in different countries and in different seasons.
These days, we can have new fruits that were from breeding of two fruits.

How many fruits are there?
As the efficacy and taste differ among fruits, the drawings will be different as well.

you say tomato /@logicalotus
Lemon /@Azmarina

We have a fruit-centered festival.

Spain’s tomato festival called La Tomatina.

This came in place with the people throwing tomatoes in the stadium in mid 1940s.
Now, this tradition has developed into a festival where 120 tons of tomatoes get piled up in the streets for the residents and tourists to throw them to each other.

In Southern France, Menton, lemon festival opens every Feburary.
Every year at this festival, 145 tons of tangerines like lemons and oranges are used to decorate the city.
The history started as in canival where people tried to embue a sense of vitality into this city which becomes vacant as people leave the city to spend winter in a warmer place.

snow white / @tia
The Fox & the Grapes / @Yarus

Poisoned apple given to the Snow White by the witch.
Sour grapes hung high in the grape field in the Fox and Grape Field.
The fruit of Tree of Knowledge banned in Adam and Eve.

Fruits also have some symbols in various stories as this.

still-life painting practice / @kiwon.lee
Summer Wine / @Evangeline

Still life drawings were once looked down since people regarded it as “dead”.
The still life drawings emerged in Netherlands in the 17th century.

The fruits are often used in the still life drawings.
So, many would think about still life paintings when they hear fruit drawings.

This challenge will continue for 15 days from Monday, July 17 to Monday, July 31.

We look forward to your participation and will be looking forward to seeing good pieces.
Thank you.:)

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