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[Review] Challenge of June (1)

First challenge of June was a challenge where you could see many different types of kitchens like the ones you’ve seen in your friends’ places.

Please send words of congratulations to the ten people who won the challenge.
Thank you everyone for partaking in this “Kitchen” challenge. :)

Midnight Snack / @Vish
Untitled / @firenzazul

Have you ever awake in the morning starved?

@vish drew a man who is putting up his chin in front of the toaster.
It seems he just woke up as he is in pajamas.
He seems to be waiting for the bread to get toasted.

@firenzazul drew a person wandering in front of the fridge in the dark kitchen.
When you get hungry, don’t you keep opening the fridge doors?

Fun Kitchen / @feltboy
S펜으로 그린 Kitchen 3 / @artspace

@feltboy personified the cooking utensils and came up with fun drawing.
The rice cooker is too hot, and the cup and port beside are looking at it in amazement.
The wiper is asleep.

Mom is preparing meals, and dad and children are waiting for the meals in front of the table.
The hot pot may have this “hot” expression.
This is @artspace’s artwork who drew a warm family that is often seen.

My Kitchen / @Andhra.Ghandi
Homemade :) /@aristina.z

You will see somebody waiting for somebody in this art piece.

The woman in @Andhra.Ghandi is looking out to the window while cooking.
Is she waiting for her family?

Will a house full of fireflies in the dream look like this?
This is very mystical greenish presentation.
A woman in her apron is looking out of the window.
This was a piece by @aristina.z.

flowers on the table / @Miky
Dream Kitchen / @Beckah

These are two artworks with strong red colors.

@Miky drew a vase and cup placed at the table.
The red part in the flower stands out the most.

@Beckah drew a kitchen she has been dreaming.
The chicken poster on the wall stands out.
The color combination is nice.

it's a hassle / @silver77
kit chen / @john

There are a lot of dishes that need cleaning in the sink.
There is black smoke on top.
Is something burnt?
This is artwork by @silver77.

@john drew cartoon like drawing.
The green eyed color cat is looking at a boiling pot.
Does it think that its food is in the pot?
It looks flattered.

Below are our 10 winners.



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Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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