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[HOF] July 2017 @aristina.z

There is a childhood that you were preparing to fall asleep imagining your own country lying in your bed while listening to your mother’s reading of fairy tale.
When everyone is a child, we dream of unknown world.

However, when you grow up, we are settled in reality.
Then the dreams bloomed in the fantasy disappear in the air, and we leave our own imaginary country.

The artist @aristina.z draws the world which we have lost after becoming an adult.
It is the imaginary world that we have dreamt before.

In the artist’s works, there are a lot of fantasy-like landscapes.
The artist’s draws a sight glowing with moonlight, a sky covered with aurora, an unknown planet in the universe, a princess, a fairy, and an imaginary animal.

With dreamy colors and unrealistic circumstances, the artist’s paintings led people to an unknown country.

It seems like a page in a fairy tale book.
So the artist's works bring all kinds of stories to other people.

For grown-ups whose sensibilities are diminished due to their realistic thoughts, the artist’s paintings seem to make them dream their pure dreams again.

The artist’s is uploading the artist’s works to PENUP steadily, and he gets a good response from users.
On the artist’s profile, there is a text like this.

‘The logic will bring you from A to B.
But the imagination will bring you everywhere!’
-Albert Einstein

It seems to be the text representing the artist’s artistic world.

I think this interview will start from this text.

Congratulations to @aristina.z, our HOF of July.
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Congratulations again!

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