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[Review] Challenge of May (2)

The second challenge in May was surely attended by many people.

We were able to see various artworks in the limited two colors.

Please send messages of congratulations to the 10 winners below!
Thank you all who attended “Black & White” challenge.

Dragon Woods / @Ghazal
thread-age /@D-sight

At a glance, the two artworks seem to come from the same scene. There are many elements that are similar to each other.

The round moon in the sky
The gigantic dinosaur threatening with its teeth
And small human being in front of large force.

The mysterious woman in @Ghazal’s artwork is calming the dinosaur down. Did she succeed in interacting with it? The dinosaur seems to be appeased.

In @D-sight’s artwork, the human being opposed against the dinosaur seems to signal a dangerous moment.
Don’t you feel how these two artworks are different with the similar scenes?

Whale & Milky Ways / @CAREUS
untitled / @nora-123

These two artworks give fantasy-like atmosphere without too vivid colors.

This whale that shines stars during night in @CAREUS’ artwork.
The shiny moon that protects humans in @nora-123’s artwork.

Don’t you feel the mystic side of the piece?
These two artworks go along well with the dawn.

Spider... / @Katicabogar87
untitled / @koo

@Katicabogar87 drew a spider with its net.
Spider is said to be the biggest predator on Earth.
It is said to eat over 800 million tons of insects.

Did it spot a prey?
It shows the strength of a predator.

@koo drew two flowers.
Usually, the black color is used to depict death.
You can feel the life in the white color blooming in darkness.

untitled / @AENEAN
flying cab (film noir) / @Rayner

@AENEAN drew the calm lake in dark and the moon that shines on it. You can feel the silence in the landscape where darkness and light coexist.

Next comes @Rayner’s artwork where the white and black colors go well with the rainy day.
He drew the view of the rain outside the window.
Who is this main character waiting for in the taxi?

Super Barred Spiral / @Envyous
Galaxy / @zak

These two artworks show characters that stand out.

@Abex drew a picture of ballerina.
You can see the muscles and expressions along with the movement in the darkness.
The dark background makes one concentrate on the object.
The dancer that shines in the dark stage is indeed beautiful.

On the opposite side, @Grafixguru depicted the object in black with white background.
It’s the beast and beauty.
They seem to enter the castle holding hands.
Can’t you imagine the face with the silhouette?

Below are our 10 winners.



We will present the gift set to all ten people who won the challenge.
Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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