2017-06-16. AM 04:30
[Challenge] 2017.June : Let’s draw Rainbow

Hello, PENPLEs!

The second challenge in June is
“Rainbow” .

All of you may have seen the rainbow after rain.
We were curious about the rainbow in your memories.

Please show us your drawings as vivid as a rainbow.

Watching the rainbow / @littleArtist
"Green train" (the remind of summer) / @Olga

Did you know that the color of rainbow differs from countries to countries?
In fact, the colors of a rainbow could be ranged into 134 to 207 colors.

It was Newton who first asserted that a rainbow is consisted of different colors.
One day when Newton was investigating the elements of the light, He penetrated the sheer light piercing from the window through prism.
Then he discovered that that light is divided into many different colors.

Then he selected seven colors for the rainbow.
It was assumed that he was influenced by the fact that “seven” was the symbol of luck at that time.

Journey to the moon / @Violerine
축복의 무지개를 타고 / @Roominess
Rainbow/ @pyj

Don’t you feel that rainbow would bring some luck?

Once when we were children, we all thought what there would be beyond the rainbow.

Rainbow, which brings childhood memories into life, befits words like fantasy and hopes.

Colorfull Tree / @Hinedo
Red Barn Rainbow / @Brending

What colors does your rainbow consist of?
Please draw your own rainbows that will bring luck.

This challenge will continue for 15 days from Friday, June 16 to Friday, June 30.
We look forward to your active participation.
Thank you.

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